Local Legend IX: Latécoère Model 631

Is there a way to adjust the heading after AP is on? I have been disconnecting it, adjusting the heading then turn it back on- not sure if you can move the heading bug and the plane will follow it or not?

Also, everyone should watch this, excellent history about the plane - this channel does a great job digging into obscure plane history:


I’m still blown away by how nice this aircraft model is in the sim.

I really, really, really hope that 2024 is going to bring us seaplane integration that aircraft like the 631 absolutely deserve.


Documentation that i have on this subject is really vague. From what we understand, it’s only a heading lock, but each of the 10 models was different. I’d say, and this is what makes the most sense, that by adjusting the heading bug, the aircraft should follow the selected one. But first we need a document that tells us otherwise (the museum still have docs that i din’t read yet, due to their delicate condition). There’s a lot about this plane that doesn’t make much sense, but after all, it’s a pioneer of airliners.

Updates are coming, concerning the flight model, also trying to add the radiogoniometria, i just need the exact frequecies from the old emitting antenna, but it take times to research.


Is it possible for you to set up the Ballonnetes control to be bound to the sim’s landing gear control?

I’d love to have my landing gear switch raise and lower them.


Thanks for the info. I was playing around with it last night and it will follow current heading but the heading bug doesn’t seem to do anything. Would it be possible to make it so we can charge heading with the heading bug while on heading lock? (FlyingIrons’s does this in the new BF-109). , very convenient way to update heading instead of having to disconnect the AP… Maybe not accurate to the real plane but would make long flights much easier. Having no VS ability doesn’t seem to matter much since I don’t fly over 10k feet with this plane.

Also, is there a way to adjust interior lighting to make it more dim? I couldn’t find a dimmer switch only on and off. Or some kind of red lighting would be awesome for night flying.

I’ve been spending some time “nerding out” on the 631. Part of that has been trying to understand the fuel system.

Looking at your diagram, are all the blue dots representing valves?

What are the green dots representing? Junction points?

Will the APU be able to operate provided, at least, one valve from a right side fuel tank is open?

Also, I don’t see the fuel booster pumps represented here, where are they in the circuitry?

Lastly, I have all the fuel valves shut off, but when I turn on the fuel booster pumps, I still see pressure on the gauges at the engineer’s station. Is that correct?


I’m underway, now, and I’m looking at the W&B sheet and noting that the first tank “Left Main” isn’t drawing fuel. All 6 wing fuel tank valve levers are on.

Did I miss something?

Fuel Draw - Create and share your videos with Clipchamp


Okay, I’ve found a bug. When the Gauche Central lever is OFF it turns OFF Gauche Central and turns On Gauche Extreme. The Gauche Extreme lever appears to do nothing.


The Gauche Extreme lever does work, but only when the Gauche Central lever is in the OFF position; Then the Gauche Extreme lever will turn on/off the tank’s flow, otherwise it is non-op.

Bug report here:
Latécoère 631 Gauche/Droite Extreme Valve Lever Non-Op Unless Gauche/Droite Central Set to OFF - Bug Reports / Aircraft & Systems - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Would there be any consideration or reconsideration into mapping the engines akin to how inibuilds did things with the An-225? I know that each engine on this aircraft in in fact modelled parameter wise and doesn’t just copy a four-engined system (due to MS introducing that capability), but considering that MS hasn’t introduced the ability to actually map 5+ throttles, for ease of flight and ESPECIALLY for taxiing on the water, can the idea that users can split the engines across 4 axis be considered?


Yeah, pushing two engine rods doesn’t feel like you’re flying a big airplane.

If on pc you can map the throttles individually with AAO and probably Spad as well. Freeware program Mobiflight should do the trick as well.

Tried Spad and it wasn’t working for me, but will look at AxisOhs.

re: FSUIPC to control > 4 engines.

Hehe, the newly released Dornier Do X has 12 engines !!! I’d want to put 3 engines on each throttle lever ! or maybe just go with 2 levers (6 engines each) as is in the original script. There’s only 2 levers in the cockpit in anycase.

Not at my computer now. I will post how to do it later today.

I don’t own the Do X, but in theory for throttle lever 1 it would be:

calc_code = value … " (>A:GENERAL ENG THROTTLE LEVER POSITION:1, Percent) " …

and for throttle lever 2

calc_code = value … " (>A:GENERAL ENG THROTTLE LEVER POSITION:7, Percent) " …
value … " (>A:GENERAL ENG THROTTLE LEVER POSITION:10, Percent) " …
value … " (>A:GENERAL ENG THROTTLE LEVER POSITION:11, Percent) " …

I don’t know if throttle lever positions 7 to 12 are available in the sim as Avars.

Also, you need to find out the name of the aircraft for the line:

if user_aircraft_type:find(“Latecoere”, 1, true) then

You can find it if you run the script and lokk for the log.

Instead of binding it to the name of the aircraft you could use the number of engines like that:

if ipc.readUW(0x0AEC) == 12 then

Thankyou. :grin:

Hi BlueMesh3192,

Issue 1:
The Generator Electrical Current Indicators 4-5-6 (Generatrice 4-5-6 Babord = LEFT) are positioned on the RIGHT side on the FE Electrical Panel, which is not logical. They should be better positioned on the LEFT side of the FE Electrical Panel. The same applies of course to the Generator Electrical Current Indicators 1-2-3 (Generatrice 1-2-3 Tribord).

The same remark regards the Voltage Bus Selector (instrument 19 on FE Electrical back panel): on the selector, “Gene Babord 4-5-6” should be better positioned on the left side of the selector and vice versa.

Issue 2:
The engine numbers of the Generator Electric Current Indicators Right Wing and Left Wing do not match with the Engine Generator Switches. Example: Generator Electric Current Indicator 6 (“Generatrice 6 Moteur Extreme Babord”) and beneath this the corresponding Engine Generator Switch which has the engine number 1 (according to instrument tooltip) in stead of 6.
So, Indicators 1, 2 and 3 (from left to right) have now Generator switches 6, 5, 4 instead of 1, 2 and 3.
Indicators 4, 5 and 6 (from left to right) have now Generator switches 3, 2 and 1 in stead of 4, 5 and 6.

Only the Master Magneto Levers (instrument 12 of Left Mechanical Panel) are in a logical and therefore right order:
From left to right:

  • Babord eng 6 (according to the corresponding eng 6 on the Voltage Bus Selector)
  • Babord eng 5 (likewise)
  • Babord eng 4 (likewise)
  • Tribord eng 3 (likewise)
  • Tribord eng 2 (likewise)
  • Tribord eng 1 (likewise)
    However, this logical order does unfortunately not match with the Generator Electrical Current Indicators and the Engine Generator Switches on the FS Electrical Panel.

I think it’s important to make the necessary adjustments.

BlueMesh 3192,

Additional remark: it would be preferably to adjust the order of the Generator Electrical Current Indicators (from left to right: 1-2-3 and 4-5-6) in lign with the Master Magneto Levers (from left to right: 6-5-4-3-2-1). The Engine Switches have already this order (from left to right: 6-5-4-3-2-1).

You seem to have great confidence in the systematic logic of French engineering - or do you have documentation?


Hi, i did it like it was on the historical references that i get from latécoère. The logic was just something different at this time.



Same for bus selector, as it was :


I know it’s a bit confusing, but that’s just the way it is. The generator labelled 6 corresponds to the extreme left engine, so engine no 1.

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