Local Legend V: Beechcraft D18S - No pilot avatar visible

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Flying the D18S I don’t see any pilot avatars in external view.

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Load the D18S, doesn’t matter if cold & dark or on the runway. Setting a weight for pilot and copilot doesn’t matter. Pilot avatar selection (default or specific one) doesn’t matter. When airborne switch to external view, cockpit is empty.
See also D18S No Pilot in external view - #7 by Bushpounder2020 for a discussion of this problem.

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Cold & Dark. I’ve had this pilot avatar selected pretty much since August '20. I’m not saying there isn’t a problem, but this has to figure into the reproduction. I’ll see if he disappears during flight.

@CasualClick Thanks for your comment. Which pilot avatar do you have selected?

So far I’ve flown the D18 a couple of times over the last days and have never seen the avatar. All assistance options off in case that matters. I’m not aware of anything special on my system even though I have not yet tried with an empty community folder.

Pilot 13 (male) and Pilot 2 (female). I’ve not been able to get a COP to show up successfully on certain Carenados, but they’ve always had at least one avatar for the pilot seat. The Co-Pilot does not appear on the Carenado when I add 170 lbs to that seat in W&B screen. Perhaps I should try 190 since Carenado defaults to that weight .

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He’s still there in-flight. This is a strange bug. I know folks are experiencing it, it’s frustrating to not be able to reproduce. Let’s get some more folks to show it.

Thanks for taking the time to look into it on your system, appreciate it.
So far I’ve tried different avatar models, different weights, different liveries. I’ll try more combinations tomorrow.

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Did some more testing. Loaded in with the “Red and Carmine Red” livery on the ramp and I can see the avatar. Right now I am unable to reproduce not seeing the avatar, weird.

This seems to be a first time loading issue somehow - I also noticed the pilot being missing on my first flight after obtaining the aircraft (even if I restarted the sim).

Since the second time I loaded the sim and started a flight the pilot avatar is always there somehow.

I have restarted the simulator - and also my PC, of course - so many times but the pilot has never appeared. :frowning:

Same here. No pilot avatar visible :confused:
I’m on the Steam MSFS version on Windows 10.

DX11 or DX12, same bug: No pilot: A pitty!

And the pilot just appear, after activating “info bulles” in the settings

What does it mean “info bulles”?

Don’t kown the word in english, but: