Local Legend V: Beechcraft Model 18 ("Twin Beech")

I hope manual will be there soon. Because this aircraft have complex systems and cockpit.

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It’s the ROLL switch. I couldn’t activate it until I restarted my sim. As a rule, one should always restart the sim after loading something on the store. It may looks like it works but there might be some bug, had that a couple times already.


Cheers, got it working now.

Are the engines way to quiet for anyone else?


It’s the easiest of the Local Legends to get a grasp of actually. Yes, it has more systems than the others, but the systems are the usual ones you get on many modern aircraft.

Yes, too quiet and it doesn’t sound at all like a Beech 18 either.

What a Beech 18 actually sounds like, inside and out:


If you are more serious about a good PC-12, wait a bit longer, SWS (the Kodiak devs) are working on it, but it will take a bit. I guess till end of year or so, estimated…

Next, the PC-12 is off to a good start. The exterior is progressing well, and we will soon send it for inspection to make sure that everything is correctly modelled. The aircraft is currently planned for the end of the year, which gives us ample time to do it as good as we can and raise the bar higher. It goes without saying that whatever finds its way to the Kodiak will also be on the PC-12. We should be able to tease you fairly soon!

Also, this one is done in license with PILATUS AIRCRAFT, so you can be sure, it will be a better and more realistic rendition than the Carenado one… :wink:


I’ve got a hangar of Carenado aircraft - the Mooney, the C337 and the Beech Staggerwing.
They’re all very good add on aircraft and the developers obviously spent a lot of their time working on them.
I’ve also got the Kodiak 100.
SWS and Carenado both do a great job to bring us high quality add ons - will be a difficult choice when it comes to the PC-12 for most I think


It looks good. The only thing that scares me off getting it, is the extremely slow rate of updates and after market support these things seem to get, both the Local Legends and the other range (“Famous Planes”?)

Within moments of release, people are already finding bugs and little quirks, and you just know it’s gonna take them weeks or months to fix or address these issues, if they’re fixed or addressed at all.

That makes me not want to buy them - they’re not expensive, but you have to buy them nonetheless.


I’m getting the buzzer for the fuel pump all the time now… It was fine on my first cold and dark start, but now it keeps going. Even when I press the button to turn the pump off, the noise restarts!

Thats Carenado, ever was. Since YEARS… even back in early P3D times. Thats why im a bit cautious to buy them. They are also not very deeply simulated, rather basic. I REALLY want a PC12, but i will deffo not even think about getting the Carenado one, when there is a SWS alternative. :slight_smile:

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Are they joking with these engine sounds? They engines are almost imperceptible, even with the windows open, even in external camera. What on earth… I have engine sounds set to 100%, sound cranked. I can barely hear them. Meanwhile, the fuel pump is ear shattering. Edit: It’s much better in flight. The idle sounds are absurdly quiet though.

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Is there a manual to operate the Autopilot ?

Also, how to turn off that high pitched whining, warning sound playing all the time. The aircraft unusable for me with this, sadly.

Try restarting? I had it happen to me when I tried turning on the boost pump before flicking the starter selector from left to centre and back to left again. Restarted my flight and then flicked the starter selector back and forth before turning on the pump and had no problem since.

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Press the roll button to turn on the AP and it’ll also keep your current heading. Alt will keep the plane level. Can climb or descend using the PITCH mode and the pitch control off to the right hand side. To follow a heading select a heading on the HSI as normal and engage heading mode. There’s a dial on the right hand side of the cockpit just below the backup radio panel to change the AP mode. Change it to NAV to follow a flight plan if you have one loaded up or to follow VORs if you have them tuned in. I’ve managed to do all of that in this flight so far without any trouble.


Edit: My rant here still mostly stands, but I’ve found that the flight modeling on landings is very nice. The flaps are effective and landing with weight is challenging, especially on a dirt/grass strip. I also wanted to amend my hot take that Carenado only has one flight model. A friend of mine pointed out the GeeBee as an example of a “stand out” flight model from Carenado. They’re not a one trick pony.

I’ve stood by Carenado’s MSFS releases many times on these forums, but I think I’m done after this one. They’ve done the Beech 18 a disservice with this “flight model.” I’m starting to think Carenado only actually has one flight model that they slap into all of their aircraft. There is no feeling of weight, no character, and worst of all, no punishment for poor flying. It is as generic as it gets. To be honest, I didn’t know what was even possible in MSFS until the MilViz 310 came out. That changed my mind about the potential of flight modeling in MSFS. This is on the opposite end of the spectrum. It’s dead, Jim!

It looks good, the sounds (though very quiet) are pretty good, and $15 is a good price. I wouldn’t pay more for it, for sure. If it wasn’t encrypted, I trust the community could fix this flight model in a matter of days.

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Did you tried load it with passengers to feel the weight?

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I did - and I’ll concede that the flight model on takeoff feels pretty good with weight. That’s one area I think they did a decent job on this one. Once in the air though, it’s as flat as yesterday’s soda. In a word, uninspired. I’ll do some more test flights, certainly my post was a hot take after one incomplete flight.

Same impressions on the flight model, my reaction was “oh, it’s the Carenado flight model”.


Dangit. And here I was getting excited.

Never mind…