Local Legend V: Beechcraft Model 18 ("Twin Beech")

Just bought it (after swearing a long time ago never to touch a Carenado product again).

I had a tonne of time in the P3D version (Carenado visuals merged with the excellent Milton Shupe flight model).

A couple of things I can’t figure. How do you see the HSI at night?

After about an hour of flying, all the avionics died. After landing, they came back when I switched the NAV lights (or was it the landing lights) back to off???

Does fly quite nicely.

But, could Microsoft please finally model a free castoring tail wheel. No point in simulating a wheel lock if it moves with the rudder anyway!!!

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That’s already in the sim since the start. It at least was in place on the DA40 for the nose wheel if I recall correctly. It’s just not used on many addon aircraft.

Ok I’ll retry tonight. Have fully reinstalled the sim since then and not tryed the T-B since.

It’s also the only plane I bought (at launch) and recently uninstalled after trying it again, like @MiddcoreGaming
No improvement in level flight performance since launch.
I can get virtually every plane to fly reliably stable w/o autopilot, but not the Beech 18.
As described far up in the thread, the behaviour is completely weird. You fly perfectly level for a short time, and suddenly the plane starts diving like a rock.
My final test was: let the autopilot fly level, then deactivate it and watch the dive shortly after…
Actually I’m pretty sad about that, because I really like the design. :neutral_face:
Taking the DC-3 as a relatively similar plane now, no issues there.


Yep, the autopilot is not great. Sometimes I have to turn the grey mode selector a few times back and forth between modes until it wakes up.

Still one of my top planes in the sim. The cockpit is such a fantastic 3D model. It’s stunning in VR. And as much as I would love the DC-3, the cockpit model is full of issues that really throw me off

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I just release a mod for this fantastic aircraft. For those who are looking for an aircraft with more in-depth systems, I think you will enjoy it.



Can’t wait to try it out. Very excited, thank you for the hard work!

I love the feel of this plane after applying your mod! And the bounciness is much improved. I hope the trim issues for the others is gone too. It seemed a bit steadier in level flight for me but they were short flights with very little wind.

bounciness on landing is basically gone for me. I made three flights using the mod and all three I successfully made soft two point landings on the mains and then let the tail settle. astounding! the plane actually behaves the way one would expect.

also, the trim isn’t borked for me either. I can actually take my eyes off the vertical speed indicator and look at other things in the cockpit and heaven’s forbid, I can even look out the windows occasionally without the plane moving up or down at a 2000 fpm clip.



I tried the Beech 18 for the first time this past weekend. I really like it, but the engine sounds are too quiet and I struggled to land it smoothly. Overall, I definitely enjoyed it, though, it was a lot of fun to fly. I do wish they would have included Matt Younkin’s livery.

If you are playing from PC, you may try a mod recently released which improves the landing behaviour (among many other things).

You can have a look here:

I’m not. I wish this forum made it obvious which platform we play on. I feel like I’ve had to say this quite often.

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That’s an excellent point. We can apply tags to Threads, but not posts as far as I can tell. It’s so hard to know what people are playing on when they discuss their issues.

It would be a good idea to have a tag you can change in your profile that allows you to show if you play on PC, Xbox, or both.


Old school forums have signatures which would be a good place to plop down your platform. Dunno if this Discourse forum software allows that though.


I’m imagining little icons under our Avatar that show what we use, based on info in check boxes in our profile when we create the profile.

The problem with Signatures is there’s no standardization to them, and not everybody does them. Of course, at this point a WHOLE LOT of people would have to edit their profiles. Although maybe it could be eased if some sort of routine was created that if they’re not filled in, and you access a forum, it pops up a window asking you to say which system(s) you use.

Edit: Oh, great! @ExplorerJB just pointed out all the info is already there. It just needs a change to the forum avatar area and we’d be all set. I think that would be pretty cool, too!

If you click on a username you can see what everyone plays on, but most people - myself included - never click to see. It’d be nice to have an icon(s) below our avatars along side our posts to show what we play on.

But I don’t want this to get too off topic, I know they’re pretty strict about threads staying on topic.

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I only bought this a couple of days ago and have been plagued with very similar trim issues to what you are experiencing. Always trying to fly me into the ground no matter what trim inputs I made.
I finally found my problem, the AI trim assistance was on in assistance options / piloting. I have no idea how it was turned on as I never used this before.
Turned off it flys as it should, no kamikaze stuff when off the controls.
Maybe something similar for you?


I had the exact same problem with another aircraft. Sometimes when updating, the sim resets some assistance options.

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The trim on this plane is broken. I think they need to fix this. Because the plane is not really flying well without autopilot. This cannot be, like they want it to fly I am sure.

What is the autopilot doing differently to what you are doing?