Local Legend V: Beechcraft Model 18 ("Twin Beech")

Don’t even need to unlock it, just support it!


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It’s been awhile — I’ve been distracted by beta testing duties and other shiny aircraft, but I’ve returned to the Twin Beech and I’m all the happier for it.

This continues to be one of my all-time favorites in the sim. With the upgraded WT GNS 530, it’s all the better.

I know some find her ground manners atrocious, but I don’t seem to have the same struggles.

I would love it if MS would put a little heat under Carenado’s seat to get them to address the outstanding issues. Fortunately, none of them are too bad, but the lack of lighting in the HSI and clock is a bit of a drag for night flying.

This plane really would be outstanding with more realism baked in, but as it stands it suits so much of what I’m looking for — multi-engine, radials, anti-ice, vintage and modern instrumentation, fetching good looks, great selection of tasteful liveries, and more.

I’m sure thankful to have it!


100% agree

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Totally agree - very well said… and for what it’s worth, the ground handling is very realistic based on multiple accounts I’ve read. It’s not difficult, really, just needs some practice and more concentration as you really have to fly this aircraft to a standstill before you can relax in the left hand seat. …

It’ took me quite a few flying hours ( I won’t confess how many )to master landings and a few more to master the rudder dance to keep her lined up on the runway. And every now and again, a loss of concentration or a bit of arrogance will lead her to bite. And bounce hard. But this is a very rewarding aeroplane to fly and once airborne the Beech 18 is a beauty to hand fly, showing why it is thought of as a real “pilot’s aeroplane”. I don’t even think I really appreciated what that meant until I really started to fly the ‘18.
I’d love to see some freighter variants rather than the exclusive business class accommodation variants.

But I think this one is a real treasure and with the C414 and CJ4 AAU beta are the aircraft I tend to find I’m flying the most


The Beech 18 is the plane I keep coming back to. It ticks all the boxes to me, from her looks to the right balance of instruments. And the cockpit is simply gorgeous in VR. The 3D modelling is stunning.

You can land her in pretty tight spots too. Done a fair amount of flying in the Alps and Papua New Guinea



I really love this aircraft and until know I’ve been flying it using the pms50 mod. Now with the new avionics from Working Title I am thinking to move to the new “default” version. Is it worth it or for the moment the pms50 version is more complete, accurate,…?

I’m using the PMS50-GMS530 mod. As far as I know t comes with more features, like wind direction and speed. And it works a treat with the Beech 18

Just be aware that the WT530 is not yet “default”. It’s a beta version released for people to test and help them finish it. It works well, but does break some 3rd party planes and avionics. You can’t have the PMS50 GNS530 and the WT530 installed at the same time. Well, you can, but stuff won’t work. So uninstall either one or the other. I’m not saying you shouldn’t check it out. Just be aware of the issues.

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