Local Legend VIII: De Havilland Canada DHC-4 Caribou

Is there a manual for the Caribou E.g. how do I open the cargo-door?
Piet de Geus

switches on back cockpit wall above opening to cargo area.

Good news:I finally got that Autopilot Mod to work.

Bad news (for others): I had to use the AP Panel in my Premium License PMS GTN750 for it to be recognized.

Free version apparently won’t do it.

Despite having full AP keybinds to my hardware panels, none of them are recognized unless the GTN750 AP Panel is running in cockpit.

Weird, works for me with standard keybinds and no GTN750…

Tried all sorts of things, none of it works without the GTN750. Glad I have a solution, but that sort of rots for folks who don’t have this and are in the same boat as myself keybind-wise.

i did start to get icing on the windscreen today , then found the demister switches dont work, but the behind the captains seat are the cockpit heat controls. turned them up and icing cleared. either that helped or weather but would be handy for screen demisters to work on this bird

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erim(0001) by JanKees Blom, on Flickr


I’ve been able to get the GTN750 free version to work with Key bindings as well.
Mostly just following Nav1 flight plan.

I wish there was a way to remove air Marshall and the tow truck. It’s fine when spawning at concrete airports, but it seems a bit immersion breaking when starting at some of the great NZ bush strips. It’s an easy edit in the grounds services section aircraft.cfg - if only we could access it.

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You can. But if you don’t do it exactly right, you’ll turn off services everywhere.

Be that as it may, you can create a package of Services.xml files for every airport and put that package in your community directory, and control the available services based on type of parking spot.

The format is in the package directory create AirportServices\ICAO\Services.xml (or .spb if you compile them), with an ICAO directory for each airport. I believe capitalization is important, spelling of those directory names and file names definitely is. The SDK documentation is pretty good for explaining how it all works. Just be aware that the spelling of all of the above is critical or the last one read will be considered the Services.xml for everywhere.

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Thank you. It sounds promising. Having downloaded a few hundred add on airports makes that task a bit overwhelming, though. However, I use add on linker, so a file that turn off services at all airports could be useful (so I can check/uncheck it depending on where I fly). Should I simply drop the services.xml in the root of the community folder to turn off services everywhere?

I’m sure there’s people out there proficient at writing scripts that could auto create Services packages based on some sort of criteria.

That might work, assuming it’s in a layout.json somewhere. Better to create a proper package, and you can just add an “AirportServices” directory in it and place a Services.xml file in that. And then that will be your default file as long as it’s the last package in your Community folder alphabetically (otherwise other services files you download will override that one).

Thank you. Will try it out.

Hi Folks, let’s please keep the conversation on the Caribou. Feel free to open a separate thread for editing airport services. Thanks!

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I tested the reverser again. I may have thrown the discussion off a bit by taking about backing up on the apron. It seems the reverser switches of below 30 knots to avoid getting too much debris into the engines. I can rev up fine above 30 knots gs, but has the same issue as described above: going into reverse but no revs.

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I really like this plane but it would be even better if the windows opened, the wipers worked, the de-misters worked and the flight plan/gps worked properly.


interm (0003) by JanKees Blom, on Flickr


Is there a way to fix the CG error?

Take Off !


Let’s stay on topic please.