Local Legend VIII: De Havilland Canada DHC-4 Caribou

Dose anyone know where the aircraft.cfg is for this, trying to added it to Air Hauler 2 but my Simconnect is not working on it so have to do it manually and cant find the cfg anywhere to do that

The a/c is (as any other a/c from the marketplace) is encrypted.
Means: No aircraft.cfg!

Are you sure?

There is an AP mod available and it includes the engines.cfg and systems.cfg. So the cfg files must be somewhere.

Yes I am sure.
The a/c is encrypted.

So where do those engine and systems cfgs come from?

Ask the guy who created the mod.

For relatively standard features you can pretty much guess what will be in the hidden configs and just work out a mod by trial and error.

You can just add in the missing
section, you dont replace the files they are merged at runtime

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Remember reading somewhere to try cockpit / cabin temp to clear the windows or something

Remember reading somewhere to try cockpit / cabin temp to clear the windows or something

Sorry meant to be general post not reply

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I specifically put that in the description of the mod that it requires the premium GTN750 if you wanted to use their AP panel. The AP controls are not even included in the free version…The mod works with just key binds - I have hundreds of users doing it that way. If you have hardware, like the honeycomb yoke, it can fight the binds as buttons need to be turned on for functionality.

People that still have keybind problems past that I have no clue other than it must be a conflicting mod of configuration somewhere, but wish I had an answer past that.

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Okey but where is Aileron trim? Ruder and elevation are easy to spot, but aileron I can’t find it.

I thought they were on the Yoke. Not able to log in and check though so could be wrong.

A relatively recent interview from the Fighter Pilot Podcast about operating the Caribou in Vietnam.

Well worth a listen :+1:


Training film


I would like to fly the Caribou but I only have Thrustmaster T1600 stick, HOTAS throttle and pedals. So what would be the best twin throttle quadrant, that would be compatible, to replace the Thrustmaster HOTAS - and doen’t cost a small fortune?

First, you can of course still fly the Caribou. By HOTAS I assume you mean the TWCS throttle that goes with the t16000m. If so, I would map both engines to the TWCS and then map both props to the slider on the stick.
As for the upgrade, I would strongly recommend the Honeycomb Bravo. I went the same path myself and the Bravo has not been regretted one bit. It is extremely adaptable to nearly everything that I fly. I still use the TWCS if I decide to fly jets in DCS but the Bravo for everything else, especially warbirds in DCS. As well as everything in MSFS of course.


The bravo also happens to be on sale right now at the Xplane.org store. It’s a little cheaper than you can find elsewhere after a quick search.

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Thanks mate. I think I will go down that route, asked the question as I have read several posts where the Bravo was problematic for some folks. I haven’t tried to fly the Caribou with my single throttle, fond memories of ground running the DHC4 about 50 years ago told me that starting is not a simple process - especially with the KAF version which I seem to remember had a Ki-gas pump rather than an electric primer - and I thought that trying to manipulate individual throttles with a mouse would be just too much fun :joy:


Hey Caribou pilots.

I have just created a bug report for pilot-side ADF needles pointing to wrong directions (co-pilot-side ADF needles work OK). Feel free to vote the bug to be addressed.

It seems to me that they used a wrong simvar for the pilot-side ADF needles. A 5 mins fix to do. They just need to be aware of that.

Thanks :+1: