Local Legend VIII: De Havilland Canada DHC-4 Caribou

Then months of waiting for said update to be approved.

And here we go with another Bug / Wishlist for the Caribou. This time about the fact that both VOR gauges are linked to NAV1 radio and no gauge in the cockpit makes use of the NAV2 radio.

The suggestion is to link the co-pilot-side VOR gauge to NAV2.

Please vote for the bug / wishlist if you consider it a good idea.

What if it’s working as designed?

Logically, if the Pilot’s Indicator only goes to NAV1, so too should the Co-pilot’s, you wouldn’t want the gauges to show different things, that would be the last thing anyone would want in functionality.

The only real choice would be to add a NAV1/NAV2 switch. But the real one may not have had one? Then again, this is a simulator…

But, no, I would not want the Pilot’s gauge to point to one and the Co-Pilot’s to another. That is not a solution.


You mean to have a NAV2 radio which is not connected to any gauge?

To be honest, I can not see any reason why the co-pilot should not be able to tune his VOR gauge to any NAV source he / pilot would see fit (e.g. to monitor when crossing a certain radial from a different VOR).

I agree with you. Having a switch would be one of the options.
When googling Caribou’s cockpits, a wide array of configurations comes up of course. There are versions with only one RMI gauge pilot-side for VOR1 / VOR2 bearings, there are versions with two RMIs pilot-side… you name it. Who knows what was ORBX’s model they used to develop the Caribou.

Your opinion, your preference. That is fine. Let’s agree to disagree.

I only wish the devs would think a bit more about avionics in “their” aircraft as there are numerous releases with radios not connected to any gauge (the recent An-2 comes into mind), instruments not functioning properly (pilot-side ADF in the Caribou), of not functioning instruments at all (the Hercules).

I can usually fix these bugs myself but only if the interior.xml is available. Which sadly it is not for the Caribou.

I’m not arguing this. In fact I specifically said it. What you asked for was the pilot to see NAV1, and the Co-Pilot to see NAV2. I said I disagree. That’s all.

I could see adding a NAV1/NAV2 switch, either 1 for both sides, or 1 for each side, either works. But to slave NAV1 to the Pilot side, and NAV2 to Co-pilot without the ability to switch, would be egregiously wrong. The Co-Pilot has to be able to do what the Pilot does.

Amen to this! All of these would be good.

I am not sure whether here you refer to RL or to sim.

RL: Yes of course. Both need to be able to link their VOR gauge to either NAV source and be able to do this independently from each other (at least for sake of continuous navigation in case of gauge or radio failure).

Sim: Since I usually fly without a copilot :grinning: I’d prefer “his” VOR gauge hooked to NAV2 radio. In sim, I consider this to be a better solution than having two VOR gauges linked to NAV1 and none to NAV2.

Just learnt a new word. Thanks :+1:

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Hence, you voted for it :slight_smile:
Just explaining my thoughts on it…

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Is there anyway to get any kind of marker for the GPS route on one of the dials? Pressing the GPS buttons doesn’t seem to change anything on them.

I’d like to know too. However, even though the CG is out of limits regardless of payload (even empty), handling seems ok. I’d still like it fixed though.

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The VOR Nav2 question has been answered in the bug thread. It may interest readers here as well.

  1. The NAV 1 Radio allows the pilot side CDI to select the OBS
  2. The Nav 2 radio OBS is selected on the Copilot side
  3. Toggling the Pilot side selector switch (ILS1/ILS2 button) switches between Nav 1 and 2.
  4. If the pilot wants to track a radial for Nav 2 they must select the OBS on the copilot side and choose ILS 2 as the source
  5. if they pilot wants to track a Nav 1 radial they must be ILS 1 and set the OBS on on the pilot side CDI.
  6. The HSI is toggled by the pilot side (bottom right) nav selector buttons and acts as an ADF as expected since it does not have OBS so it works by pointing to the selected station (VOR 1 or VOR 2 aka Nav 1/nav 2). It does not display course deviation only the bearing TO the station. This is correct.
  7. The pilot is able to use nav 2 as described in step 1-3 or they can use it as described in step 4.
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One more reason to have manuals with the planes …


Exactly. While I apreciate the question was answered, a manual would definitely help since using the NAV2 is not exactly intuitive.

And I would question it is true to life :thinking: actually.


Here is my checklist with procedures and some performance numbers for the DHC 4 Caribou. All derived from a original old manual of the military version.

Kind Regards


Fantastic! Thank you very much, looks great.

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Useful tip & workaround for now. I can use this as a DME to a VOR

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I’ve discoverd that on the Pilot side both ADF’s (ADF1 and ADF 2) are always pointing to the North regardless the ADF frequencies you put in. In the Co-Pilot side the ADF’s are working correctly.

Another problem: existing NDB frequencies with a decimal number cannot be set in the ADF-panel!

I do not recall having that problem. Maybe check what source is your RMI linked to.

I have not checked it with the Caribou, but with the Electra I was able to tune the decimals by key commands - you just need to bind a key to change decimals of the ADF radio.

Hi Apollon011: my mistake: both ADF needles on Pilot side do not always pointing to the North but the problem is when flying they show a deviation.
Example: AC is flying to NDB station 290 (ONL) set on the ADF1 panel in the AC (I’m living in Holland…), AC position is S-W from that NDB, flying exactly to that NDB on a course of 321 degrees. ADF1 needle on Pilot side shows a heading of 345 degr. The same deviation is the case on the ADF2 needle when using ADF2 panel in the AC.
On the Co-Pilot side both ADF needles on the RMI gauge are given the exact course of 321 degrees to the AC. So the problem lies at the Pilot side: it’s the gauge in the middle of the Oxigen Regulator and the De-icing panel showing wrong headings.

Concerning the NDB frequencies: can you describe the procedure how to bind a key to change decimals of the ADF radio in the AC? Using the mouse to change the ADF radio in the AC itself is only resulting in a NDB frequency in whole numbers.