Local Legend XII: Dornier Do X

That is so cool somebody caught the moment of failure! That’s not easy, especially with the cell phones they had back then.


Anyone flying this using a Logitech/Saitek Pro Throttle Quadrant, (3 lever), & if so how many of the levers do you use, & was it difficult to set up/map them?

According to the manual (Aircraft Manuals - Microsoft Flight Simulator) you can only bind one throttle to the throttle axis in the control options. This operates all 12 engines simultaneously.

Since MSFS only allows up to 4 individual throttle bindings there are no alternatives (unless you only want to operate up to 4 of the port side engines :crazy_face:)

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Using Axis and Ohs I’ve mapped engine 1-6 to the left throttle and 7-12 to my right one (on the Bravo throttle) so it matches the levers in the cockpit.

Now if someone would just post how that same trick is done using FSUIPC :smiley:
I was in the Dornier Museum in Friedrichshafen last weekend and saw a few remaining pieces of the DoX, as well as her flight log for the trip to NYC and back.
In the museums Film about the aircraft you could also see that during taxi movements the forward facing outboard engines were used along with the water rudder.


I’ve never used FSUIPC but the method I used was to bind the simvar A:GENERAL ENG THROTTLE LEVER POSITION:index, percent
to a throttle, and in this instance the same one.
Index is the engine number so you need to bind
A:GENERAL ENG THROTTLE LEVER POSITION:1, percent 2, 3 etc. separately.
Same trick applies to the Late 631.

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Thanks, I will give that a try and see if I can make it work for me.

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I would like to fly the Dornier X but cannot seem to locate a suitable water runway on the world map- does anyone know of where I could find a list of water runways in the sim?
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You coud try Biscarosse in South-West France (South of Bordeaux). It’s the original naval base for the Latécoère 631

But there are a few good downloads out there like the Norwegian Seaplane Bases:

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My Friend, What keys do you use to “tour” inside the aircraft/move around in it? How is it done? Can you interact with objects? (door handles, etc).
I would love to try this!

Two ways: you can use the ‘translate cockpit view’ keys, ie: translate cockpit view forward, backward etc but that can be quite limited depending on collision meshes etc. The other way, which is what I mostly use for screenshots, is to just use the drone camera which is toggled by the ‘insert’ key on PC. Then you can use the drone camera controls to scoot about all over the place and examine every nook and cranny. The drone camera controls are all listed in the control settings as well. Some things in some planes can be interacted with in the translate cockpit but not everything. In the Dornier you can open and close doors and windows and some other things when scooting about in translate view.

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Check out Megadyptes’ comprehensive list:

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I for one am enjoying this aircraft very much. I would like to try re-enacting the flight from Friedrichshaven to New York and back to Germany. I know what countries they visited, but I haven’t been able to figure out the exact ports O’ call where they landed. Would anyone have an idea where I might find that info?
Thanks in advance,

This might do the trick!
This book also has a much better quality map in it. Check your library system for it if you don’t want to buy it :slight_smile:



Thank you my friend!

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I know it is absolutely not period-accurate. But is there some sort of "autopilot hack to make long flights easyer. So far all I worked out was to let the AI fly and that got me some mixed resaults. And In mixed resaults I mean flying in a endless loup or crash in a mountain. I know that this was done eventually to the Hughes Hercules for MSFS to make things easyer so I was hoping for something like the same here. Is that possible?

I don’t think so. The developer would need to add the proper files for it to work. (or anyone with the knowledge, perhaps?)

Even using PMS50’s GPS, the autopilot is greyed out making it completely unusable. Occasionally there’s ways of easily enabling it in the config files, but the Do X’s config files look different from what I’m used to. Not that I have really extensive knowledge, but I have got it to work on a few planes using basic instructions that come with the PMS50 package.

At least the files don’t appear to be encrypted, so maybe someone with more knowledge can figure it out.

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I checked and found the very same you described. Somehow the Dornier X files and structures differ from other add-on-planes. This makes it very dificult. I hope someone finds a way

I wanted to say say a few things about this aircraft.
When this plane was first released, I, in my ignorance, had zero desire to acquire/explore it.
All that changed when someone else on the forums posted an article about the Do X and it’s designer, Claude Honore Desiree Dornier.
I read that article. Then went out and found others, read them. Then found a great documentary on the man on Curiousity+ channel. Watched it.
I learned about the great challenges the man faced during his career as an aeronautical engineer in general, and the great hardships in building the Do X in particular. I learned about his very close working relationship with Graf von Zeppelin, of rigid airship fame. I also learned of the great Dornier Do X publicity tour organized by Herr Dornier in 1930 which took the plane from it’s birthplace at Lake Constance, Germany all the way to New York and back to Berlin, and finally back to Lake Constance.
I contacted Peter Kielhorn, President of Freundes u. Forderkreis Do X e.v. in Germany, an organization that is building a 1:1 scale replica of the Do X to inspire future generations with Herr Dornier’s vision and brilliance in building a craft so ahead of it’s time. They provided me with a list of the 41 ports of call the Do X visited during that record-breaking, history-making tour.
Needless to say, I have now begun my own “publicity tour” with the Do X in MSFS and am having an absolute blast. I’ve only barely begun, but when the ship sat at anchor in the water on Lake Constance, early in the morning, and I called for the tugboat to move us out onto deep water, I really bonded with this old-time marvel of a “Flugschiff”, or “Flying Ship” as the Germans called her. From there, it took me about 30 minutes to figure out how to start all 12 of the Curtiss Conqueror engines and configure all the lights, generators, hatches, doors, weigh anchor, etc. When she finally broke free from the surface of the water and pointed her bow toward Amsterdam, the thought came over me that I had never had as much fun in MSFS as I was having with this humble $9.99 add-on.
I intend to continue my “tour” and stop at every port of call the original crew made in 1930. (it will take me many, many weeks I am sure!)
Despite it’s shortcomings (there are a few) this airplane is an absolute jewel and has really captured my imagination. I am eternally grateful to it’s developers for making it available, I would buy it if it cost three times as much-
Happy flying guys!