Local Legends Brainstorming

With the release of the first Local Legend i figure a place for people to brainstorm potential future entries into the series could be nice. With almost two hundred countries out there, i’m sure there’s plenty of opportunity for unique and iconic planes from all over the globe. Feel free to post your ideas and the reasoning behind them here :slight_smile:

if they do someday WU Canada, they could do things with DeHavilland( DH2 Beaver/ DHC-3 Otter/ DHC-5 Buffalo/Dash8/etc) or Canadair (CL215-415/ Challengers(although they might be licensed under Bombardier))

They might go with Avro Canada, but they are less known (except for the cancelled Avro Arrow)


Viking owns those types now.

Iirc they own the Twin Otter and CL-415

They dont own the Challengers

Yep - forgot about that. Still half asleep…

DC-3 for USA is a no-brainer but since 3rd parties are making it already it might be stepping on someones toes and they might forgo that. Maybe an arctic world update could have the BT-67 Basler BT-67 - Wikipedia , while not exactly legendary the base airframe is and it would avoid overlap.

If not DC-3 people mentioned the Super Constellation Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation - Wikipedia, and im going to have to concur with that. But what i would really want is vintage out of commission airports of the era to go with it.

Pacific local legend could be the China Clipper Martin M-130 - Wikipedia or one of their other big flying boats.

I’m really excited that they are going this route, there’s a lot out there that people much more in tune than me can think of. There might be some real deep cuts.


I also concur with this. It would be a fine choice.

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For the US, i’d think the Wright Flyer would be the go-to, seeing as it was the first airplane ever haha Being in the Smithsonian, it wouldn’t be too hard to access and i’m sure the museum would be interested in digital preservation of the plane

How about a Ford Tri-motor for USA?


I think the Boeing 707 would be a good local legend for the US update.

If they did a Canada WU, the obvious choice would be the beaver/otter, however I’d go with the iconic CT-114 Tutor jet trainer(as used by the RCAF snowbirds demonstration team)

That’s my 0.02cents


For USA legend, if not the DC-3, then the 707. Alternately, if going for deep-vintage vibe, how 'bout a Boeing 314 Clipper? I want to see one in vintage Pan Am livery and fly it from San Francisco or San Diego to Honolulu and then island-hop across the Pacific. :slight_smile:


While I would love a Constellation, I believe it is far too complex a plane for the Local Legends. It’s in the same league as the DC-6, and for 15,-€ a pop I don’t think you cannot make a Constellation that won’t either have arcadish systems or a totally rotten flight model or both.

But with the DC-3 already under way by AH, I’m not sure they will make a second one. On the other hand they Top Rudder Solo even thought there already was the Power Solo, and then they brought the Husky even though there were already the Savage Cub and the XCub in the game. This was all extremely similar stuff. So I wouldn’t put it past them to bring a 15,-€ DC-3 for those who don’t want to pay AH 25,-€ or 30,-€.

Then there’s the question of WHEN there will be a US Local Legend.

As far as I understood the concept, Local Legends are supposed to be connected to a WU. And we already had a WU USA and Canada. So maybe we will find ourself with a Russian, Italian or Spanish Local Legend next. Since we already had WUs for all other countries that had large aircraft industy in the 1930s to 1950s, I can think of (US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Japan) there’s not that much room anymore for a WU with a Local Legend.

I believe they said there will be further updates for the US, Japan, UK ect… Now whether they are full blown World Updates… no idea. But those further updates could open the window for a Local Legend release if they so choose. Though that will be a couple…few years down the road.

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We’ll see what they’ll come up with. It is reasonably to assume they have it planned out for at least the next 12 months already.

I rather hope they aren’t too rigidly attached to the idea that Local Legends releases have to accompany a world update, or that means we have already missed out on chances for some beautiful and interesting aircraft from the US, UK, the Netherlands, France…

Setting that issue aside, it’s fun to speculate. Let’s stipulate based on what we know none of the Local Legends will be military aircraft (that is to say, aircraft used only by militaries). Unfortunately this someone narrows our selection for some countries that didn’t have a thriving civilian aviation industry in the early years. Let’s also remember that based on what they’ve said about the LL series so far, they want to work with local museums to study surviving examples of the real planes, so anything modelled as a LL has to actually have a surviving airframe available to study somewhere and not be totally extinct.

A lot of the obvious choices for the US are being done by third parties, like the DC-3. The Ford Tri-Motor would be a respectable choice but there would be complaints it’s too similar to the Ju-52 (even though they’re only similar in general configuration). If they did something like a Constellation people would want a “study level” rendition and I can’t see Asobo wanting to take that on, especially if the prices for these add-ons are supposed to stay fairly low. They’re not going to do the Wright Flyer and charge people for an aircraft that can’t really be flown (yes I know it was in FS9 but just for the sake of complete-ness basically). If you made me make a bet I’d say the most likely US Local Legend would be the Curtiss Jenny. Not to say that thrills me just what I could easily see happening. Could also do the Spirit of St. Louis but that’s a risk as it’s another that isn’t terribly “flyable” just for casual use.

UK has the same “already locked down by third parties” issue as the US although to a slightly lesser extent. If we’re going by historic significance I think this would have to be the De Havilland Comet but again we run into the question of whether Asobo wants to tackle a relatively complex aircraft. In the same vein as the Curtiss Jenny I could see them punting to some flavor of the De Havilland Moth series. Dark horse possibility here might be the Avro Avian?

For Brazil I suppose a Super Tucano would make sense.

Too modern - doesn’t fit within the 30’s-50’s timeline. For that period, the two that would make the most sense commercially would be the Boeing 377 or the L-1049. At one time, there was an intact cockpit from either a C-97 or B377 at the Carolinas Aviation Museum in Charlotte, NC.

Maybe the de Havilland DH104 Dove and DH114 Heron

I thought local legends mean planes that are not commonly known in other parts of the world.

Everyone and my mother knows a 707 or DC-3.

Planes like the Curtiss Jenny or C-46 are better suited to become a local legend.

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Avro Vulcan for the UK.

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