Localisation: 14 GB of duplicate files in English

Perhaps as an exception, I’m happy with SU5 performance

I’m not so happy with disk space. There is 14 GB of tutorials in there.
The folders suggest there are ~13 languages, but they are ALL in English. They are Duplicates.

14 GB instead of 1 GB.

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Which folder are you looking at?
The tutorial language files in my …\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Official\OneStore\asobo-flight-tutorials-*
are all in different languages.

Only English, German, French are localised. The rest is English duplicates.

The folders & filenames yes, but even if you play the WAV’s in a player?

Ok thanks, indeed I did not do a 100% check. Can we safely delete the tutorial folders? Anyone?

Probably save to delete, didn’t check if there is a filecheck for that folder so not sure if it automaticly redownload those file. You can rename them first to be sure.

Ohhh you mean the WAV files…
I thought you mean the .locPak for the translated text. My bad!

Maybe you can uninstall them in the content manager? Otherwise I would move them to another folder first and see if the Sim runs fine.

you can completely remove the tuts, saves a nice bit of space.

If deleted in Win10 Explorer - MSFS will reinstall on next startup.
If deleted from content manager - does not actually remove them form disk.

I did this even before SU5. When I finished the tutorials I went to the content manager and deleted all of them. Saved a lot of space. Did the same now when SU5 installed a lot of new tutorials.

Strange… There’s no change for me. Exact same folder size as before, even though uninstalled through the content manager. And the files are indeed still there, too.

What works is the following: uninstall from the content manager, and THEN delete the folders manually.

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