Localizer Courses Too Short

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Localizers do not have enough coverage in certain cases.

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One example. KORD ILS RWY 10C. Doesn’t become active until just outside PEPAW (~16.6 DME). The localizer in real life extends at least out to BAIRY (25.8 DME). There are numerous other examples at major airports with extended localizers.

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Go to virtually any major airport and compare the ILS chart to where the localizer becomes displayed in the cockpit.

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Please note that for most of the localizers in the world, a standard volume is fine, but larger airports (class B and C in the US) usually have numerous localizer courses with what’s known as an “Extended Service Volume”, flight checked to be accurate out to a potentially great distance.

Certain exceptions should be allowed for specific localizer courses to better display localizer course (and associated DME) information accurately.