Lock Framerate on Nvidia Control Panel @ 30fps

I highly recommend using Rivatuner Statistics Server (RSS) for framerate locking. If you’re not familiar with it don’t let the program’s somewhat strange name deter you.

It’s a small videocard monitoring utility with a number of useful functions, but most importantly it can lock framerates in 2D and VR down to a precision of 3 decimal places, and once you dial in the right settings it can give you a much smoother result than the nvidia control panel or even the game’s own vsync lock (in 2D). I find this ability absolutely essential for my G2 with motion reprojection on. It gives me very consistent frame times and prevents WMR from bouncing between 30 and 45 fps, which produces very noticeable stutters. It worked equally well with my previous oculus as well.

You can even choose at what point during the display timing the lock happens (start of frame, end of frame, or asynchronous). For 2D use it also has a scan line lock, where you can set an fps lock with vsync off to your monitor’s precise refresh rate (59.936 in my case) and then shift the tear line up to the top of your screen with the scan line offset value so that you never see it. If you don’t have a g-sync monitor this can be a big help for 2D fluidity.

It requires some fiddling and experimentation (what doesn’t? hehe) but if you have your system otherwise properly sorted it can really give you that last 10% of smoothness we’re all looking for.

Obviously all fps locking/smoothness tweaking is a bit moot until we get WU6 on the 24th ish and can cache a lot more scenery in ram, but it’s absolutely worth checking out in the meantime.

Hope that helps.



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