Lock to Cockpit Control to prevent zoom

I propose when changing a frequency or autopilot knob, that zoom be inhibited whilst continuous mouse wheel scroll inputs are made. This could be implemented in a few different ways:

This could be time based approach (Zoom is inhibited whilst the mouse cursor a control as it is now, but requires 1 or 2 seconds of no mouse wheel movement to unlock the zoom, or another control again)

Or perhaps a requirement to right click the mouse to unlock zoom again after a knob is turned. Mouse wheel movements would change only that control until the right mouse button was pressed to unlock it again.

Another way to do this would be a requirement to hold down the right mouse ‘cockpit look’ button whilst zooming - although this may be difficult for some.

Another would be a modifier key to be pressed to lock the mouse selection onto a control whilst it is pressed, regardless where the mouse moves to. This has the downside of requiring a key or button or mouse button to be pressed and would need careful consideration so that a control could be changed whilst still flying with a joystick.

Personally I like a time based approach.

What are your thoughts?

That kind of wish comes up from time to time. In one instance as: If the mouse is positioned over an input like a button or a knob and is not moved again, then the input should continue to receive mouse events regardless of the camera movement. That is a solution I would and have voted for.

What I did was to unmap the cockpit camera UNZOOM and ZOOM from the mouse wheel. :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:

Yeah but I still want that XD

please merge this with older existing discussion and vote in a single place:

Just do it as it usually is. Zoom with mousewheel only when RMB is pressed, free look + zoom on RMB pressed.

Simple as that.

Or at least give us the option to bind the controls. When I try to rebind zoom to RMB + wheel, it unfortunately break RMB freelook. So, not possible to remap now.

This is a different solution to removing camera shake. I like camera shake.

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You’re right, I’ve posted the link to the existing Wishlist item where it could be further commented upon, so that votes about the general problem of “mouse handling” with “moving cockpit” are not diluted in many different Wishlist discussions and get more exposure.

I should have linked my post with suggestions encompassing I believe both problems:

I’d like to see left/right mouse click and hold selects the dial, using mouse scroll then changes input until left/right mouse is released regardless if it’s still over the dial, like a grab > hold > turn > release sort of thing, not by restricting the camera controls in any way.



do you experience the struggle to turn the knobs or press the buttons in the cockpit while you manually fly the aircraft and the cockpit is moving in front of the mouse?

Like, you want to set a heading in the A/P but the cockpit is moving so sometimes you adjust the altitutde on the knob but sometimes you zoom in, because the cursor went off the knob and then the mouse wheel acts as zoom?

I propose something like “cursor snap”. This could be turned off/on also with sensitivity settings.

Once you hover above a knob, the cursor would stay there until you move the mouse more. Small movement of the mouse will not move the cursor.

This should work on all knobs and buttuns in the cockpit.

+1 here if you like this suggestion.

I only have issues like this when looking through the default cockpit camera, i guess it’s a very oblique angle to the altimeter nob of the airbus in particular and because of that the “hitbox” is smaller however when i directly look at switches and nobs there is no problem. I proposed a center screen dot while in freelook mode so i can now what i can use and look at something on the spot by just moving the mouse and not having to click anything else. It didn’t click at all with the community, it just got buried.

Another idea how to solve this - assign a key/middle mouse button to “lock” the focus on the knob. This way, after I press the lock, I could turn the knob and the mouse will remain focused on the knob and would not move away until I again “unlock” the knob.

The lock would act as “hold the knob” :slightly_smiling_face:

Just in case people aren’t aware, multiple mouse button combinations are now supported.

For zoom I use right mouse button held whilst mouse wheel is scrolled up or down.

For look around I simply use right mouse button held.

Hope it helps!

I would actually like to click and scroll on a knob. As long as my mouse button is clicked it remains altering that knob, no matter where my mouse is.

The suggestion above doesn’t help with camera shaking?

Yeah currently you can’t ‘lock’ onto a knob. It has been suggested since Alpha times though…


  • Bind Mid-Click + Mouse Wheel Up for “Unzoom Cockipit View”.

  • Bind Mid-Click + Mouse Wheel Down for “Zoom Cockipit View”.

  • Bind Mid-Click + Mouse Wheel Down for “Toggle Cockpit View Freelook (HOLD)”

This way the 2 bindings won’t interfere with each other and you’ll still be able to move around the view.

It should look like this:

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I tried this, but the view get stuck and i can’t move it, i can only zoom.
This may be because the commands are interfering with each other.

Look at my previous post for the solution.

OMG You’re the best.

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No problem mate, this is something that Asobo should fix in the first place, The zoom should work in conjunction with Freelook Hold mode