Lock to Cockpit Control to prevent zoom

I would actually like to click and scroll on a knob. As long as my mouse button is clicked it remains altering that knob, no matter where my mouse is.

The suggestion above doesn’t help with camera shaking?

Yeah currently you can’t ‘lock’ onto a knob. It has been suggested since Alpha times though…


  • Bind Mid-Click + Mouse Wheel Up for “Unzoom Cockipit View”.

  • Bind Mid-Click + Mouse Wheel Down for “Zoom Cockipit View”.

  • Bind Mid-Click + Mouse Wheel Down for “Toggle Cockpit View Freelook (HOLD)”

This way the 2 bindings won’t interfere with each other and you’ll still be able to move around the view.

It should look like this:

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I tried this, but the view get stuck and i can’t move it, i can only zoom.
This may be because the commands are interfering with each other.

Look at my previous post for the solution.

OMG You’re the best.

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No problem mate, this is something that Asobo should fix in the first place, The zoom should work in conjunction with Freelook Hold mode

Actually I found a solution to this quite a while ago. It never worked before but this was fixed back in around January/February.

I rebound my zoom to require my right mouse button to also be pressed whilst scrolling for zooming. Just change the keybinds…

Now I never have an accidental zoom.

Locking onto a radio control now really isn’t required. What WOULD help, is for the mouse cursor to follow bumps etc.

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And just to point out SU4 broke this and it’s been stuffed ever since…

Actually what happens is that it prevents you from panning around using the right mouse button only. ZD tickets for a few months now haven’t fixed it.

Stumbled across this thread in my search to see if this issue had already been posted to the fora. Been thinking about making the MSFS zoom more ‘Chaseplane-like’, even though I haven’t used the program in ages. The advantage of only zooming when RMB is pressed, and adjusting knobs otherwise is pretty handy in order to not mess with switches accidentally…

Anyways, Parorng’s post on June 21 inspired me to look into the controls. After some testing, it looks like the Lockable Zoom Controls are just what I need. I now have:

  • Zoom Cockpit (Lockable) → Mouse Wheel Up
  • Unzoom Cockpit (Lockable) → Mouse Wheel Down

and it follows the behaviour I described above. Potentially handy for other pilots looking for a solution to this problem!

Oh can you confirm this works again now?

Works for me on the current version with the behaviour I described. Which is that I can only zoom when holding RMB, if the zoom controls are rebound to their ‘Lockable’ variant.

This doesn’t work if you’re using PMDG’s custom mouse control xml file unfortunately. I wish Asobo would allow you to customize the keybind by adding an additional modifier key. Such as holding down CTRL while scrolling with the middle mouse wheel.

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