LOD broken again on Xbox?

Have you tried running a cache for me it’s improved the sim in this beta this should enable for detail to pop in quicker

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I did everything in my power. I enabled and disabled caching, created larger partitions, installed and uninstalled the SIM. Nothing improves rendering. It’s just awful.


I noticed the following: in the first flight made after opening the simulator the textures and the LOD behave in an acceptable way. If I land and take off again for another flight, it’s 99% sure the ground textures will blur and the reduced LOD is even more evident in flat areas and in clear weather.

As mentioned earlier: this is NOT a behavior that existed on the SU10… I remember that I did several VFR flights on the same day and had no problem with texture or LOD.

In my opinion, this problem is no longer speculation, it is a FACT! Something very wrong is happening with the graphics of this simulator, I can’t accept that this is something normal, or server related… or did the servers start behaving like this every single day coincidentally after the launch of SU11?


I have noticed this behavior as well. Have to do more testing to determine when it “resets”. When you say land and take off again do you mean land and start a new flight from the menu? Or land and take off from the same airport in the same session?

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I mean land and take off from the same airport and same session…

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Yeah that’s the same for me. I noticed this yesterday when I did a multi-leg flight. Almost feels like it hits a limit and then just gives up.

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I have the console set to 12bit as that’s the highest setting that’s accessible. It wouldn’t be if the TV didn’t support it as I’ve selected ‘auto detect’ in the display settings.

There is a smooth gradation feature that offers low and high settings. I’ve already set it to high and doesn’t really make much of a difference as the banding is at the source most likely and not the TV.

Do you not notice banding on a clear bright sky or swirls and circles forming in the centre of oceans and flying relatively high?

Do you find that trees can look better in some areas than others, take your 2nd and 3rd pics.

I did the landing challenge at NZ (3rd pic) and I thought the trees looked really rough, like an oil painting, but then in that 2nd pic they look much better.

Yes, definitely. Especially in tropical locations, trees don’t look great.

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I wish they improved the trees, I want happy little trees. :laughing:

Soon I will post two videos demonstrating that there is some kind of problem on the roads. Regardless of altitude, they get much worse in cities. Airstrips are foggy at certain altitudes.

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I don’t think the XBOX’s auto detect feature affects the bit depth settings available. My TV has a 10-bit panel, but I can still select 12-bit.

I don’t think there are any 12-bit TV panels on the consumer market at this time (most are 10-bit, 8-bit for some cheaper TVs), but it doesn’t hurt anything to select a higher bit depth. I’ve tried both 10 and 12-bit and not surprisingly didn’t see any difference between them. There is definitely a quality reduction if you have a 10-bit panel and select 8-bit on the XBOX, however, so don’t do that (unless your TV is 8-bit). On the off-chance that you do have an 8-bit panel, though, that will definitely cause visible color banding.

I do see slight banding at times on my (Sony) TV, but it’s only in certain circumstances and you really have to look for it. I keep the TV’s “smooth gradation” setting on “Low”, because that’s the only setting that doesn’t have the side effect of visibly reducing picture detail, and it seems to do a good job of minimizing banding.

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Thanks, I just keep it at 10bit as no games or content even support 12bit. My TV does 10 but via FRC. Colors look great although I sometimes do see banding in really foggy/rainy and cloudy conditions.

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Remember, this is your world so they can go anywhere you want. But don’t use a fan brush on your monitor (unless you like your happy little trees so much that you want to see them all the time).


I’m having the LOD ground textures issue again. It was a problem for me prior to SU11, which fixed it. Seems to have reemerged after SU12 the other day.


Almost every time we get a big patch, servers seem to hit their limits for a few days which can result in lower fidelity. As per tradition, try a different server or wait a few days and see if it improves. Also, a clean restart of the sim might help (uncertain if this is really helpful but you can try).

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You can’t change servers for things like weather, or scenery, only multiplayer.

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Like I said, you can try changing servers. Sometimes it seems to help. Or restarting.

These may be placebo fixes. The issue seems to be intermittent and starting a new flight alone might be what helps.

Waiting a few days seems to be the real fix.

Asobo already confirmed the server selection only affects multiplayer and the scenery etc comes from the CDN. So yes it’s a placebo. Waiting for others to get annoyed and go away is more likely to help, but it really shouldn’t be that way.