LOD distance reduced with clouds

Heya all, this is my first post so perhaps this might be the wrong location in the forum to report an issue lol

What I’ve noticed since WU7 is that when flying with clouds present the LOD distance detail is atleast halved, I’m noticing trees render in blocks before my very eyes and even entire mountains just pop up from nowhere a few NM infront of the Aircraft. It’s really ugly and anything beyond the tree / building line is just a flat blurry untextured mess…

Though when I set the weather to Clear Skies the LOD returns to normal and everything looks great as it should.

My platform is Xbox Series X, and the area I’ve mostly been flying in is the Brisbane / Goldcoast area.

I’ve also reset my Rolling Cache.

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Was your LOD setting changed by the WU7 update?
Updates do have a tendency to change settings for some reason.

On Xbox we have no idea what any figures are as we don’t have access to folders and files as on PC.

@TopAirspace I’m a short flight away from Brisbane and GC IRL so I frequent down that way often and agree that the rendering has taken a half step back. I mostly have trouble with the coastlines morphing, it looks like that problem is rearing its head once more.

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It’s not a file or folder I was referring to, PC’s have access to LOD settings in the MSFS General Options menu.
There are a lot of differences there as well, so in an Xbox it may not be available either!

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The options are extremely limited.

Essentially, the Xbox has Traffic and Data subsections with settings similar to the PC’s.

There is a single option under Graphics and that is for HDR.

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Ok so after more testing I can add further to this, the LOD issue appears to be directly linked to altitude.

For example flying low level at around 2,000ft the LOD detail is significantly reduced to just a few NM infront of the planes nose with extremely noticeable tree and object pop in, with then just a green untextured blur in the distance.

However climbing upto around 7,000ft the LOD reverts back to its normal render distance with 3D objects becoming once again visible far off into the horizon…

Note the two screenshots below with the very short object render distance whilst flying at low level.

If you point the Hornets nose vertical and climb straight up, all of the 3D objects magically start to render far out into the distance again.

I have also had one other person via a facebook group report the same issue on the PC version aswell.


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