LOD problems - Trees Fix Revisited

Another dev update out and still no LOD fix? What the …? I have stopped playing a month ago because of this issue and still nothing :frowning:

If you do IFR, why would you even care about view distance at all?

I Think the LOD is kinda better now

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I’m not sure it is better yet, I need to make a few flights to compare with previous “known” situations I’ve used in the past. I can confirm update #6 is still not resolving the problem with trees disappearing and reappearing depending on the species though.

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Took a flight today, scenery still looks terrible in distance, not improved :frowning:


PS: you might want to consider just drag & dropping your screenshots in the discussion instead of hosting them in another 3rd party site.

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Is there a way to stop the site from turning them into jpegs? Graphical comparisons really need a lossless format like png. It doesn’t matter much for lod distances though.

I wish there was a way to change detail above 200 in game. It still takes me about 7 minutes to fully exit and restart the game back to in the air (if save game actually works)

You have access a flight simulator capable of rendering the world in unprecedented quality, and you choose not to use it because you miss some trees and other stuff in the nearer distance??:astonished:
I don’t know what point you’re trying to make by that, but you’re only punishing yourself.:wink:

Don’t give up hope. A month is nothing in game development and Asobo have many other things to attend to as well.

it is possible to increase the LOD - as described above you have to make the trees “bigger” or higher again (with FS2020.Tree.Size.Editor - my values min +2 and max +4) and in the UserCfg.opt in the Microsoft Flight Simulator main folder you have to go to
LoDFactor 2.000000} and set 2.000 to 3.500000 or what ever can be handled by you system
LoDFactor 2.000000} and set 2.0000 to 8.500000 (this are my values and) set or try the values according to your system - CAUTION costs a lot of RAM and power, looks like this:


Yes i agree with disappearing trees its still occuring but in some places its not that noticeable.

Cause of better visuals? Idk probably, Whe get graphics downgrade and you defend it like, is that normal for you?

I cannot find this folder. It would be helpful to provide a proper description of that folder and where one can find it.

Sorry. Was looking in the wrong folder. Found it in the localcache->packages-> official->onestore->fs-base.

Is it possible to share your complete settings here?
I guess many would like the exact values.


Thanks for sharing. Will try that.

I have tried it and it works pretty well for met too. Thanks again.

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Do i get the missing trees back too? There are alot of places with missing trees after the patch and what exactly did you change?

I am fairly sure that trees that are defined in an area with a polygon in a scenery project of some sort in the community folder, are drawn further away from the aircraft than autogen trees are. I am working on a project in a national park in the UK which involves removing some trees and replacing them with a specific species and they are definitely drawn before the Autogen trees that are the same vicinity. Just something I have observed.

I’m not sure if trees are missing, but I do know they just keep popping up and out during flight and I find that behaviour distracting and very annoying. So the solution is to tell MSFS to draw the trees within an acceptable radius so even if that happens, it may be almost not noticeable. This is done by increasing the LOD for trees as @arniex78 explained.

I used a tool called “Tree-Editor” to change it. It can also help you create a backup first. I know, I could have done this manually without the tool but just too lazy to go through those unfriendly XML data.

This are some screenshot of the Paderborn Airport. You see where the trees are missing now. Before the patches you could see alot of trees there.
Here is a vid and you can see how it looked before all the patches. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQ6jdpt-v6g
Is there no way to get all the trees back?

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I did a comparison, you are absolutely right. Plenty of the trees are missing. The first version was much beautiful but I guess they removed the trees for performance, now I know the reason why the scenery got much smoother after an update. However, I don’t think this is MSFS autogen issue, it is aerosoft that is responsible for that.

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Its in other areas too.

Even the official screenshots are begining to show reduced drawing distance, so I guess it will become the norm