LOD problems - Trees Fix Revisited


I don’t know, but there is already the widely publicised case of the original Watch Dogs. Ubisoft are well known for their “vertical slice” gameplay presentations, but evidence came to light of intentional downgrades of the PC version, due to supposed requests my MS/Sony, so as not to make the console releases look worse than the PC version…so the PC version had features intentionally disabled so that it no longer looked as great as the pre-release footage, which was all running on a PC.

An enterprising individual found that Ubisoft had not removed the features entirely, but merely disabled them, and they could be switched back on again, restoring it closer to what the pre-release footage looked like.

I’m not saying that is what is going on here, of course, but it does ring familiar.


This Flightsim is for PC not Consoles. I still dont get it why they release a Simulator for XBOX. MS Flightsimulator was allways for PC not for Consoles.


Money, mainly. Being able to sell the sim to another group of potential players is very attractive. Unfortunately, as is with most multi-platform releases, the PC version usually suffers for a variety of reasons.

The worst console ports have things like mouse acceleration that can’t be turned off…and I’ve detected that with the mouse look in the cockpit, though here its more negative acceleration. The expected device is a console controller, not a mouse. You can set it to 0, but you can still feel that slowing down when moving the mouse slowly.

You may also see large menus or iconography to suit a user sitting some distance away from a TV, rather than sat at a desk looking at a computer monitor.

I can’t think of any console that allows for multiple monitors.

It seems the latest dev update is now listing several LOD related issue. Let’s hope the material in this discussion is helping out!

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Did they fix the tree Problem? All the trees on Paderborn Airport are back now. :slight_smile:
But the draw distance is still lower :frowning:

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It suddenly stopped working for me two days ago, after less than a week of playing it. Weird, I’m going to try to change some settings, I even made another topic. Not sure what it is but everything is messed up for me, down to the lights of the runway.

This mod increases the tree draw distance as far as up to 10 nautical miles, with realistic tree height.


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@tmpnmk This sounds interesting. Does it also solves the issue with trees disappearing then reappearing depending on the species and distance like I’ve documented here:


hmmm…I decided to try something. I was thinking that I had read awhile back maybe in this thread, or another, some sort of possible bug effecting tree LOD caused by tree height. I added this

		<Variation spawnRatio="0.000000000001">
			<Size min="150" max="175"/>
			<Imposter stiffness="0.0" frames="10" textureIndex="3" relativeOffsetY="-0.12"/>
			<MaskColor r="0.5" g="0.0" b="0.5" maxDistSquared="0.1"/>

under the coniferboreal section in the 10-asobo_species.xml

Check it out, cause I’ve got trees to the horizon, and both LODs are under 2 (200 on the slider) I’ve actually got my terrian LOD at 100 and have tree to at least 12 miles

Check it out

I’ve since gone and added that to any tree type that already has spawnratios. Just trees, left the cacti alone lol



Well, what exactly did you change? The min and max size? what were the default values?

The MSFS release version had a decent autogen draw distance but too tall trees. After the first patches, Asobo reduced tree sizes and this caused the poor draw distance what we now have. I mean, smaller objects don’t draw as far as bigger ones.

The question is how to increase the tree draw distance without resizing those trees way too big. AFAIK the final answer is behind Asobo Studio actions.

That is why I tried the above code. It introduces a stupidly large tree, therefore increasing the the draw distance. I don’t understand the why, I just thought I remembered someone saying that when they made trees bigger, the draw distance increased. It makes no sense to me, I’m no coder. So I thought, ok, then let’s introduce a large tree, but with a very low ratio. That’s why the spawn ratio is .00000000000001 or however many zeros. My first test the I put the spawn ratio at .00001, or maybe one less zero, and had a few enormous trees. And by a few I mean 10 or less in view. But, I did have trees to the horizon, or close to it. So I added more zeros. No more big trees, AND trees as far as you can see.

But you do have to add it it each forest type variable…not sure what to really call it.

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There was a thread about a pay ware LOD fixer that seemed to offer the magic of increased draw distance with no FPS hit, but I can’t find it anymore. I think it was cheap as well.

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Hello, I tried your suggestion and to my surprise it really worked. I don’t have enough words to thank you! I added this section as per your instructions and the trees went as far as I could see. And because I wanted to limit a little the tree draw distance, I changed this line to be <Size min="75 max=“100”/>. Now with the Terrain LOD set to 100 I have the trees exactly how I want them to be. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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I tried this and TBH it only seems marginally better than default.

However it does have all of the species with all of the variables in one editable file, so maybe if someone cleverer than me can work out the best way to adjust all of the variables as per WeptBurrito2749’s suggestions…?

The mod has been updated for all species and… It works!!!

It’s awesome, and trees size is not changed! :grinning:

Thank you to "author "for this find :heart_eyes:


Quite ugly screenshot by myself, but just try yourself this mod and see what happens next :+1:


Look above, no need for this pay mod, trees size is changed with a huge loss of details and maybe unrealistic landscape with this payware.


We all know your knowledge and your involvement (and your fin limier spirit :slightly_smiling_face:) of lod problems so… I’m waiting eagerly for your analysis of this mod :ok_hand: