LOD problems - Trees & Water

That’s the new effect layer. It is everyhere. I get the idea behind this layer, but imho it is too structured. It ends up looking like a pattern.

This is how it looks in reality:


Interesting. But still better than 10 years ago :slight_smile:

Ok, this colorbanding is bad, yes. I think I can replicate it, even without post processing. But it really only happens when looking top down, right?

“Interesting. But still better than 10 years ago”.

Still worse than a month ago.


Yes, then its worst, but thats at least 4 hour window when sun is up

Well, about water reflection and detail.
I just did a comparison to the new loading screen.
I tried various dates and time of day. I can not get any better reflection. Best reflection is with 2 knots wind. 5 knots shows some detail in the water, but reflections are almost gone. 9 knots looks good for details but no reflection at all.

All shots are done with highest water and reflection settings.

Well, either the loading screen is heavily photoshoped or the dev version of FS is still using very different image quality settings.

Loading screen

2 knots

5 knots

9 knots


I suppose they tweaked their graphic settings for that as now even 0kts surface wind leaves some ripples, whereas their water is calmmmm


Im getting same results as you do

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Well, look closely, their water is not really calm. The ripples are just more detailed, more acute - if they are ‘real ingame’ and not photoshoped.

BTW, in case anyone wonders why the buildings in my screens look different. I had photogrammetry switched off, I usually fly without it. But surely that won’t make any difference for water detail and reflections.

It’s broke. No way to make it look good anymore.

The only thing this software had going for it was visuals and they messed that up…


Those are not waves, but dithering artifacts

the same you get on hood reflection for example

Does anyone else encounter this issue with the level of detail at FL390? I checked with a friend and he has the exact same issue.

that could be different satellite photo tiles, from different seasons.
Bing hasn’t only summer photos, there are a lot of winter ones that have been clearly colored from brown to green (that is why roads are green or certain green area look so saturate). The result can be strange sometime.

Lod - clearly those tiles are loaded with different zoom levels

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No, here is the same issue in Japan.

Hmm, yes. Closer tiles are loaded with higher resolutions than those further away

And as flipped penguin said it can be either because of satellite imagery quality (which you can easily check in maps) or LOD .

It is definitely not the satellite imagery.

The higher resolution area moves with the plane. e.g. within a 30 miles radius around the plane the ground resolution is high and further away low. No matter the area. (Just as it was in FSX)

Before patch 2 the high resolution ground textures were all over on high altitudes. After patch 2 they were reduced to low all over. Now they are a mix of both. We need to have them as they were before patch 2!

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I saw this too. And the reverse, where some would disappear as I got closer. I increased trees to ultra, and terrain detail to 200. My computer could not handle these settings before. Now it handles it and helped the tree popping. It is as if you now need higher slider settings to get what you had before at lower slider settings.

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The visual world is getting worse. With each update, the quality of the trees, the textures and the water deteriorate further. Barren mountains, ugly checkered texture in several places. It’s pathetic, frustrating! The developer sucks down the feedback. I don’t understand why you don’t have the opportunity to adjust the density of trees, the visual world, to everyone’s liking.


STOP DOING VAGUE STATEMENTS like “this looked better before”. This doesn’t mean ANYTHING.


Nothing will beat a shocking picture as a slap in the face. “This is deteriorating each time” is not a proof: how much? You sure you’re not over acting it out of frustration? Aren’t you just one of those guy that are infuriated because a maple tree looks like 10 meters instead of 12.35 meters high? It can easily be countered

People need to start using their past screenshots if they still have some and do some shocking before/after comparisons and try to put pressure by making those find their way out on social medias… MSFS main selling point, and rightly so, was always it’s next gen graphics compared to other sims, but now it’s clear it’s less and less true as new patches comes in even though the game was well optimized (go figure…)

If newcomers that haven’t bought the game yet, and worst, if potential Xbox customers eagerly waiting for their versions with all the hype discovers how the game is downgrading severly in the meantime and what they’re going to get if things continues this way and it starts a flame war on the Internet, I can guarantee you Asobo will start to react this time…

Look at that! this can’t be acceptable!!

Look how much more beautiful it was! And alpha testers even keep saying that it looked even better during alpha than that!

What’s next seriously??? Surely some journalists out on the internet would be interested by this if there’s enough. After all, MSFS generated a massive hype with its graphics. People need to know it’s no longer, by far, what they could see on youtube

(reference pics)


Now its not worth even reading our posts, not even creating them. What do we gain, just wasted time, because devs dont care.

Telling us about world upgrade in Japan, yet visuals overall are worse.