LOD problems - Trees & Water

Yes same here, since the update the quality of scenery and textures has gone down considerably. I thought something was wrong with my settings, but there is nothing wrong on that end.

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Here is my frustration. Can you do this in the sim now?


I believe that the most users are able to set the settings right, but please consider that the most users are using WiFI. And who knows what other adventurous configurations are on their systems. This is a game that streams large amounts of data.

Another issue: The wife enjoy Netflix, the Kids are gaming Fifa etc.


Ethernet cable and ultra settings.

This is not the way.

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Coming into New York while someone starts streaming Netflix, oach lol

I understand mate what your saying though :+1:

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There is definitely something wrong for you guys. Buildings are drawing perfectly fine here.

This is the sort of thing that would happen to me when I had the Bing data turned off. Try switching servers and see if the problem persists, since the sim is constantly streaming data, it could be a server issue. What you are describing is very different from what I’m experiencing.


interesting. Ill give that a try mate :+1:

I had no problem before.

It actually looks much better to me, even at higher altitude more details visibile


Although I haven’t noticed any difference, but this is one of my biggest fears for this sim.

Please devs for the love of God, don’t downgrade the game. Visuals are and will be the main highlight of this sim for years to come and probably the only thing to keep it leagues above other sims. Please please no downgrades ! If anything, give us dx12, dlss and raytracing within next few years once you’re done squashing the bugs.



Show a screenshots what is the problem, check your setting on DATA if all ON, also if you install new gpu drivers all setting can be set as default etc…


Please feel free to see and comment my thread about ugly - color banding water reflections.

Was this a thing before the patch?


Try flying over any city and you’ll see what we’re talking about. Trees over a hill look great… buildings look terrible, in the latest patches.


Ok, please choose an airport and I will provide a pic.

I can now see trees growing in front of me when i was flying near them

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Fly over KDFW… if you don’t see triangles and terrible LOD on buildings, then I give up. :wink: PS in an airliner… around 6k - 10k feet.

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Interesting. Especially as this problem has survived complete uninstall/reinstalls.

There are many long threads about LOD deficiency, so it is a common problem, which in my book is a bug. Many experienced alpha/beta testers also have the problem with the release.

But I will try your suggestion of swapping servers and see if it help, thanks.

What has an Airliner to do with graphdetails outside of the plane?

This pilot guy must be visually impaired

Trees never looked better.

But its a LOD thing, not a bug