Log about your airplane behaviour


Perhaps I miss something obvious, but is there a log which shows whats happening in your plane after a session?

Sometimes I have failures and I don’t know why, and it would be nice to know what caused the failure or if I encountered a bug.

I was once flying over Iceland with the Bonanza G36 and after 20 minutes the engine died. I think the engine was running with all gauges in the green and fuel was also not empty. So I had to do an emergency landing on a road, which luckily was just there when it happened. But it is a bit frustrating not to know why the engine shut down. (I have random failures off)

Yesterday I wanted to takeoff early in the morning in the King Air 350i from Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport. I started cold and dark and then started to taxi the long run to the runway, and after a while all my lights and displays went dark. The engines where still running and only the green landing gear light where illuminated. I tried the power reset / external power switch, which turned electrical power back on, but now the engines where running at much higher RPM even I didn’t touch the throttle levers, then 10 seconds later I again lost all power and couldn’t it get back on. (engine generators where on). I started the plane following the checklist, so I again don’t know if I did something wrong or if it was a bug.

Therefor I would be nice if we could consult a log what happened in the plane to see why something happened. Of course it should be understandable for normal people.

If there is nothing like this in game, perhaps there is an external tool which could do this via simconnect?

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As far as i know; correct me if i’m wrong…

there are no random failures? You have to turn them on and arm them, then they 100% happen within the specified time period. So it sounds more like a bug than an aircraft failure?

Thinking out loud here.

if you haven’t enabled random failures, it’s probably something you’re missing.

The second example sounds a bit like the starters were still running. At least in a C152/172 that will drain the batteries faster than the generators can recharge it, causing displays and lights to turn off.

Ah yes, the starters is probably it.

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