Log Book Still doesn’t work

Just did a quick flight to check the log book and disappointingly, it didn’t record the flight. A log book is a crucial document to any pilot. How hard is it to fix it? This would have to be one of the easiest fixes to address. Very disappointed.


Did you use developer mode at some point?

No. Don’t use Developer mode. Why?

At a controlled field, are you requesting and following taxi to parking instructions from ground?

Regardless of whether the field is controlled or not, are you pulling up to a parking spot on the ramp, preferably one with a push tug and a parking marshaller?

Are you setting parking brakes, shutting down the engine, and turning off both avionics and master switches?

This is the only way I can get the logbook to reflect my hours and achievements before exiting back to Main Menu.

You could make your own logbook outside of the game, that’s what we did back in the old days… :grinning:
But yeah it is odd how it pops up sometimes and not others. Do you have to turn off the plane at a particular spot or something?! I see it maybe 20% of the time.

FSX which is over a decade old, correctly tallied your T/Os and Landings. It’s interesting how that was able to work time and again and you didn’t need to perform a complete shutdown of the aircraft to count.


Mine works but I have to shut down my engine to get it to register

Do you park someplace special? When I taxi off runway, park, and power off it registers only sometimes.

That’s what I do Also

I’m just over 100 hrs now in the Logbook. Many of my flights since the Patch 3 were not recorded or partially recorded.

I mostly start cold and dark in a parking spot and fly and land then if the sim asks me to exit to the menu, I select continue, so I can complete the shut down process. In the past this has worked fine for correctly logging my flights but is hit and miss since Patch 3. Most flights not recorded but surprisingly the occasional one will get recorded.

Nothing unusual about the flights, as I follow the same process for all flights. Often I fly with the same aircraft, so some get recorded while most don’t.

After Patch 4, the first thing I did was to test a flight and sure enough, nothing was recorded. This needs to be fixed.

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Only way I’ve found to get it to work consistently is to request parking from ATC and then, most importantly, acknowledge that request - that will create the box for you to park in if you have taxi ribbons turned on.

There will be circumstances where you don’t use ATC, e.g., VATSIM or a similar Service. So they need to allow for other scenarios. Mind you, in earlier versions of the product, I flew many times without even calling on ATC and my flights were all recorded.


For sure, something has changed to break the flight monitoring - I was just saying that as it stands the only way to guarantee it working is to follow the steps I suggested. I tend to use Pilot2ATC, but when I make my final landing and want it logged I have to go through the in-game ATC.

Yeah that’s correct. The logbook is broken. For the moment logbook record just flights when after landing you requested taxi from in-game ATC and stop on required stop and shooting down engines and avionics.
I put ticket to Asobo week ago and I had answer yesterday that they record my issue and will try to fix it.

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It’s behaving in a very strange manner. Originally it would log everything - even if you landed in a field somewhere, you got a (vicinity) to the nearest airport. Now it only seems to work if , as others have said, you taxi to parking and do a full shutdown. Even then, you sometimes get a (vicinity) record for an airport other than the one you have landed at.

Why it is no longer recording the flight as ending when you touch down, I don’t know.


That was my points to Asobo, very annoying bug. Before logbook record even my login on the airport without starting engine.

The strange thing is that it’s not a persistent item. I have never shut down my engines after flight (because you simply can’t in time when you do a bush flight - nor can you contact ATC), and everything seems to be recorded just fine.

I have also not encountered any issues with free flight recordings of my flights.

Hope they will fix this soon.
Like a lot thinks more :yum:
Hope. The key for everything

Yes, I can confirm that my flights are no longer recorded in the logbook, since October 12 with the usual procedures…

Let’s hope they fix in an appropriate amount of time, I can honestly care less about the logbook if I compare it to other issues that exist that have a larger impact on the flight (experience).

And in my situation, I also have a logbook with SimToolKitPro (free), so i’m also less ‘dependent’ on the in game version.