Logbook Analizer

Hi Flight Simmers,

I have developed a logbook reader / parser / analyzer that can read the MSFS Logbook file and export to a CSV file with your flight data.

It can already read and identify:

. Date/time of the flight

. Aircraft

. Departure and arrival airport (if any)

. Departure and arrival coordinates

. Type of flight

I am now working on finding and exporting the following data:

. Starting altitude

. Duration of the flight

. Path

. Events

I have made hundreds of tests with my own logbook files, but I would like to start testing with some other people’s files.

If you are interested in providing your logbook file and receiving the CSV back to analyze, you’ll be welcome. Please contact me on this thread or email me on fchamone@terra.com.br so we can arrange how we should exchange the files.

Best regards

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