Logbook and hours reset after installing add-ons (Xbox)

After installing some add-ons from the Marketplace (ORBX Landmarks London City Pack, ORBX EGLC London City Airport and Junkers JU 52) my Logbook and hours seem to have reset.

The Pilot Profile shows only 1 hour with the next level at 50 hours (I’m sure the 1st level was at 25). The Logbook only has the handful of flights since the add-ons were installed. Achievements are still listed and while the Pilot Profile screen shows Landing Challenges as 2/39 and Training as 0/36 (presumably since installing the add-ons), the Activities screens show these correctly as completed.

I raised a support ticket and got the following response:

Please remember that the following information is not recorded or tracked while playing with dev mode enabled or using add-ons (including liveries):

  • Statistics
  • Achievements
  • Logbook entries

Can this really be correct? I am not playing in dev mode (I am playing on an Xbox) but is it really the case that statistics, achievements and logbook entries are not recorded when using any add-ons? That seems mad to me.

Yes and no.

Nothing logs at all when in Dev mode. (Certainly any profile hours and/or progress towards achievements, pretty sure it also messes with flights in Log book also.)

As for Add-Ons / Liveries etc.
These can and do inhibit progress towards certain achievements which is why there are many posts recommending you don’t try flights towards achievements when using them, however unless SU6/SU7 really changed stuff then flights should log perfectly fine in the log book and indeed while certain achievements may not progress the profile should actually also log hours and flights.

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