Logbook Broken

The logbook was broken on the last update. It’s not logging any flight information. I consider playing the game pointless if nothing is being logged. MS please fix your game.

Accidentally left “dev mode” on?

Negative Ghostrider, Devmode never enabled.

Saw the same issue this morning with the logbook. Flight not logged in logbook. Dev mode not enabled.

Not a dealbraker for me, but same issue - and no dev mode active.

same for me here

I had the same issue…will try again after restart

Same problem for me. I did turn on devmode to test FPS and flew a couple of quick flights. Not in the logbook. I researched the issue here so I turned off demode, restarted FS and the last two test flights were not logged either. :frowning:

Id DID LAND at ESSA with a320 ( stockholm ) … see screenshot

The thing that struck me is that i was guided to GA parking … not have the gate option ( plenty of gates though )

Easy upvote for me.

I only experienced it not logging the entire flight twice but almost every flight lately it’s no longer detecting a takeoff. I remember reading someone explain why that was but in the long run it doesn’t matter why because the log book obviously needs to be reworked.

I hope they also add a simple check to stop adding a flight just because wheels may bounce on landing. A new log entry shouldn’t be added for such a thing. Lastly, I want an option to delete flights from my log. This isn’t an FAA checked log book for an airline and as long as it’s adding unnecessary flights for a 2ms bounce of a tire, we need an option to delete. This last paragraph will be something I’ll add (or upvote) in the #self-service:wishlist forum.

Same issue here. Dev mode not enabled.

Same no log book logging, at least the first patch had a work around (turn off Developers mode) I sure hope it does not take them 2 weeks to a month to address this.

Same here not working first time flying since latest patch !

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