Logbook has nearly 69,000 hour log entry

This has been present for some time but I have a single entry in my logbook for 68,928 hours. This is clearly an anomaly and isn’t right. Furthermore it is skewing my achievements. Any solutions?

I think it will skew a single achievement, getting you the 1000 hours, unless there are any other achievements I’m not aware of?

So that’s where all our logbook hours went…


That was the first thing that came to my mind as well.

@texasborat I strongly suggest a Zendesk ticket to let Asobo know you found the missing logbooks. :wink:

I guess I should have clarified. It skews the front page of the achievements because there is a negative number on the front screen in the “next level” category.

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Wow. Yeah, that takes some of the fun out of that aspect doesn’t it. :pensive:

MSFS can count up to 3000 hrs after that -1 hrs will show.

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