Logbook issue...I think?

After landing at an airport, I check the logbook. All flights show as a “partial” flight as opposed to a landing. Why is that happening?

Thank you

Do you make a FULL STOP on the runway (before taxi to gate/parking)? I think that is important.

At least once I’ve seen the Log Book pop up automatically after taxi to a parking spot and shutting off the engine…

I never stop on the runway, and there is no problem in the recording of those landings in the log book. I have only seen the logbook pop up in videos put up by Beta testers.

You have to taxi to the designated parking/gate and shut off the engines, then a popup confirms your logbook entry. This is the way that works for me to not be “partial” flights.

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I don’t have to taxi to a parking spot for the logbook entry to show up. I often quit the flight from the runway since the taxi time does not count in the logged flight time. I know there is a known problem logging multiple takeoffs and landings from the same airport or with landing at multiple airports in the same flight.

I have nvever had the logbook pop up regardless of whether I shut down correctly or not. The flights are still logged. Could it be related to a setting? I have all assists off and “hard” for all other stuff - a bad choice of name btw. It will put people off.

Maybe it depends whether you choose the runway or a parking positon as arrival when planning the flight in world map.

I always choose the runway.