Logbook logs my landings as in the vicinity of the airport

As the title says, after I land and park in the airport, I check the logbook and it records the landing in the vicinity of the airport, as if I crashed before landing or at landing .

Does anybody have had this issue?



Yes, I’m getting the same thing. I usually quit the flight on the runway to save time to taxi to a parking spot. And I’m not in Developer mode. Sometimes the “vac” is not even at my landing airport.

I have. I also notice that although I had a successful landing, taxied to parking and shut down properly, I show a ‘takeoff’ but no ‘landing’. However it logged the flight time. ???
These are not “everytime” occurrences. Seems very random.

Same for me, [vicinity] end of flight with no landing recorded. Time of flight ok. The vicinity airport usually not near my flight plan destination.

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I get the vicinity landing a’lot and my logbook does not register the actual landing in the totals. I find that if using ATC through to landing and taxi to parking the logbook will record your landing airport.

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Same exact thing here. I’ve logged an issue about it on Zendesk. I suggest everyone do the same to get the issue some focused attention.

A number of airports I’ve flown to don’t give me instructions to park at the terminal, but instead direct me over to a stand somewhere if I have taxi route highlighting turned on. In those airports, when I contact Ground, I don’t have the option to ask for directions to a gate.


I’m seeing this happen for every leg of the Balkans Bush trip. No matter how perfect my landing, it’s always logged as “Vicinity” on every leg.

Go vote up the bug here and file a Zendesk ticket to go with it. Hopefully with enough votes and tickets, Asobo will take notice. They’ve yet to acknowledge this as even being an issue.



I had one of those today, and I believe it was because I had taxied just a little too far of the grass strip. My guess is there is an invisible are defined as the “airport”, and if you shutdown outside of this, then you are in the “vicinity.”

Amazing how FSHub is able to log all my flights without a problem but every flight just ends up “in the vicinity” of some airport miles from where I actually landed.

That’s not the case for me. I always use ATC to land and taxi to parking, but the majority of the flights to CYNJ (my hometown) just log as Vicinity. Logging is successful at nearby airports like CYPK and CZBB. I would land there more often, but then I have further to drive home :wink:

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Landing at non-towered airports that do not provide instructions for parking are often what give me this issue. Even if/when I drive around and find my parking spot, I shut down properly and still don’t get the credit.

I have the same problem. Save as airport measurements.

This problem has been around since August. It would take an hour to count all the completed landings that did not register. The issue has many faces. No place to park for a proper shutdown. No place to park via taxi-assist markings. In many instances one can complete what appears to be a complete and proper shutdown only to find the flight did not register in the “Different Airports” list [have checked prior landings to make sure I had not already landed at the failed airports]. Why add such data in a logbook that cannot count properly? Not being a real pilot I simply enjoy the scenery while flying into different airports and find it quite depressing the sim does not work as intended after several patches. Latest issue has been the random nature of the appearance of marshallers at major airports. Is this a bug or as intended? In any case, PLEASE FIX THE LANDING COUNTS! It has been a random event to date with flights registering four or five in a row and then like Asobo Magic, the four or five flights do not register. No apparent logic to same!

Likewise - seems to be a particular issue for non towered airstrips. Flight time recording also seems to be a bit hit and miss. Had one half hour flight recorded as just over three minutes.

I think this happens when you don’t complete the objective of parking.

I had a bit of humor about the logbook yesterday. I executed a 747 flight from RJTT to KPDX intending to only test the autopilot to determine if the latest update improved it. I was going to let it fly for several hours and then terminate the flight. An hour after departure I checked the flight, the AP was tracking flight plan course perfectly and holding altitude plus or minus 10 feet. I checked again an hour and a half later, still tracking perfectly. I then got involved watching a football game and didn’t check it until 5.5 hours after takeoff. I found the 747 floating in the ocean with very realistic waves hitting it but in perfect condition. I ended the flight and checked my log. It credited me with a night takeoff from Tokyo and 5:30 hours night flying. Under destination it stated 53.3102, -152.2167, the exact coordinates where the aircraft ditched in the ocean from fuel exhaustion!


Not sure what you mean by “non-towered airstrips.” In my case, most of my 787 practice flights are from and to the local Class C airport that not only has a tower, it has four active runways, international service and pre-COVID had 17 million passengers for 2019; a cargo terminal diagonally across the field from the passenger terminal, and a large Air National Guard (military) base on the other side with a squadron of 4-engine turboprop C-130 transports based there.

Contacting ground NEVER lets me request directions to a gate; and most of the time the landings don’t “count” in the logbook. I have figured out at least if I’m stopping in a “proper” place or if I’m too far - if I can request baggage service, ground power, and catering, I’m in a proper parking spot. If I ignore the path directing me over to the cargo ramp and taxi instead to a gate, if Ground Services lets me request a jetway connection, I’m in an acceptable spot to park.

But no matter what, the landing usually doesn’t count in the Log.

I have received this [vicinity] tag when landing at an airport that is not in the nav database, it seems to find the closest airport in the DB and puts the [vicinity] tag on it.

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