LogBook missing lost all entry!

PC /Microsoft Store version / normal mode / last build.
Progress, flight log back to Zero!!! ,
yesterday I couldn’t see the other players, flying with me, so I changed server to see if it solved the problem or not,…nothing to do, no better,
I closed the session and restarted the session with the same user of course… and there!!! no more flight log or progress everything was reset to zero…

And since this Last build more return on desk before no pb!!!
Not a good job…

I had this happen to me a while back. I was almost at 500 hours and boom, logbook gone, most achievements were rest to 0 (in game only, the actual xBox achievements didn’t get erased). It is quite frustrating. There are several threads about the logbook. It seems unlikely that Asobo will fix the issue.

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But will happily charge $60 for a multiplayer DLC where your league table position/score might also be randomly wiped because of the same bug. :wink:



I was “lucky” to encounter the same problem twice in a row on Xbox, when MSFS was released on console, and I quickly realized the low level of reliability of the product. As long as this kind of problem has not happened to you, you can keep your illusions, but the later it happens to you, the stronger your resentment will be.

As @Its502GeekGuy said and if it can cheer you up, know that you’re not alone. Many threads about this issue:

I agree :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:, that’s the correct term to qualify this bug. :rage:

Just lost all mine this morning…

at about 175 hours.

only 20 minutes AP

well at 13 minutes now

Did you try messing around with the “Data” options in “General”? This has been cited at least once as a possible cause for logbook wipes.

second time — logbook disappeared. I really enjoy this game but … I’m thinking I will not give MS any more of my money till this is fixed. I’ll just play with the parts I’ve brought and wish/hope this issue becomes more important to MS.
I an now in the process of doing a ‘clean’ install. Once I’m done I’ll kept a record on paper I’m guessing my record will be a tad more permanent. Unless my house is caught on fire or is flooded…


Same decision here :wink:
They, and the third parties, won’t get my money until these bugs (and thoses affecting the joysticks/mouse) are fixed.