Logbook not saving flights

So on Thursday started to complete achievement Jack of all planes. Did 3 flights and increased completion to 45%. Closed FS down reopened following day and it had reverted back to 30% complete but the issue is they also disappeared from logbook. Did a further 2 flights and same result. It initially records as a flight but after closing program they don’t save. Not in dev mode. Started from RWY so logged both departure and arrival before dummi spit. Possible server issues!

How did you CLOSE the program ?

You may need to close out via the menu system, to give MSFS the opportunity to save your updated log back to the MS servers.

If you just X-OUT, or Kill task, that "might be causing what you are seeing ??

First occasion definitely through menu bottom left quit

Are you in dev mode? Flights don’t save properly in dev mode.


No checked that prior, sorry didn’t put in initial post

I’ve seen a few posts in the forum since SU6 that there has been a fair amount of server drop outs & online functionality missing.

I am starting to think that janky servers/janky netcode results in data getting dropped or not synced.
This might explain why some folks get their profile/progress wiped, some see an achievement pop a while after it should have and most of us struggle with progress not logging “as it should”

Am somewhat surprised that they moved ahead with an online multiplayer DLC when the underlying functionality is still so flaky.

I found that closing the Garmin screen does the trick for me. Park off the landing strip, switch off engine and then use page up key bind to switch off the centre cockpit display.

See if this works for you.

Hi man, same for me… the problem is how you turn on the plane. Basiclly i fly from london to new york yesterday. After 14h of flying i got only 10 sec. In log book, with zero take off and zero landing. So ones i start a long flight i prefer depart from a runway, to make the sim count flight hours. This is a bit unrealistic but it work for me… try it out…


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Having developer mode on is also a factor. It will not record flights if you’re in developer mode, even if it’s just to check the FPS.

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Be aware. It’s possible for a flight to log perfectly in the logbook. Good take off, good landing etc but for it not to get logged into profile.
(Tested with landings at around 400 NEW/DIFFERENT airports.)

It’s also possible to not get a hold landing in the logbook (vicinity or flight won’t end properly) but see it counted in profile.

It often doesn’t seem to make much sense.

No joy on that option, thanks for the thought. Appreciate your input.

My understanding of MSFS settings being synced to the MS servers.

You start MSFS and it gets your settings from the MS server (Open to Error #1)
You run MSFS and your setting change / logbook updates (if not in Dev Mode)
You close down MSFS
(a) By menu system, and your data gets saved back to the MS Servers (Open to err #2 )
(b) By X-out or task Kill, and you data does not get saved back to the MS servers

Then next time you start MSFS the process repeats.

During the transfer between your PC and the MS servers, things can go wrong, and you can loose all your settings data, including log book etc

One “could” back up all this data when MSFS is running, and have a backup, but then the question is, how do you restore that backup, and have it save back to the MS server.

In an ideal world, optional backup & restore would be built into the system’s menus, so you did not have to mess about saving and overwriting files manually, you would just have an option to save a new backup, and an option to restore any one of a set of old backups, held on your computer if that is what you wanted to do.

The bottom line is that the data sync between PC and server has numerous ways it can break down, and there should be a “BUILT IN” way for the user to easily recover from this, with a built in local backup system.

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If this is the case, it is really weird as just happened out of the blue. Not even just after SU or other MS intervention(Or was it!!) All was fine on 27th opened on 28th did a couple of flights, no confirmation ever took place. I made no changes to system or MSFS except to clear out community folder. The profile has updated number of airports visited and total distance flown (which isn’t within a bulls roar) But still refuses to update logbook and jack of all planes achievement.
So what we are saying is there is no ability to sync with server if there is a comm issue. It will not hold values to update at a future opportunity.
I’ve opened a ticket as it is so bizarre.

Actually, to me, it makes perfect sense that this could just happen out of the Blue.
Any error in your MSFS reading your data from the MS server, could well corrupt your settings & log book.
Also, if on your last session, when closing, it had sent data back to the MS with corruption, then that is what you will get back from the server next time you fire up MSFS.

If you look at your 3 favorite airports, they are saved in your setting.
If you search files on your PC for these airport codes, you should find ( as I did) one binary file, containing those 3 airports. I do not remember what file it was, but this is probably one of the important files that you may chose to keep a regular set of backups of.

PITA – would be so much better if automated !!

So on that premise then, I’m cooked. I have no way of moving forward. groundhog day

Get a 2nd Opinion on that … what I stated above was only my “assumption” – as there appears to be little if no other information about how the log book gets “lost”.

It was an issue for many about 6 months ago, but Asobo said then, the issue was fixed. So who really knows ??

Again thanks for input. Did find a file created immediately after the last accepted log entry. Maybe my start point… will hang fire for a day or so if Zendesk email me,

I’ve started using Volanta to track my flights, one good thing about it is it captures the flight even if the sim crashes. Lately for me the sim has been crashing about 30% of the time when I end a flight and try to go back to the main screen and in those cases the flight does not get captured in my logbook but it still gets captured in Volanta. I’ve got about 140 hours in my logbook from before I started using Volanta and wish there was some way to get those hours into Volanta, but at least going forward I will capture everything in Volanta.

Sound like a plan to me … let us know how that works out for you …

Happy Halloween …

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OK so the final outcome was… Reinstall MSFS which actually turned out to be a good call. Took a few attempts to load, That simdata file was key but whilst playing around I broke it. Totally wiped all stored files. The reload took all Sunday and a fair amount of Monday. So I now have a fully functioning FS with good fps (currently 46 with most at ultra or high) and no PG issues atm-will check a larger airport/city later , i did loss all my flts and hrs but miraculously all my achievements were still there. Next issue i will check is memory leaks on long flights which has been an eternal problem.

There should be a save to cloud capability to backup your data or at least a save /restore file

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