Logbook popup still not removed

The only major irritation remaining for me now is the logbook popup which appears every time I attempt an orderly realistic aircraft shutdown . This issue has been fairly well up the wishlist for some time now, but no action from ASOBO as yet.The last response from ASOBO to this was that it was not a bug as such so its not been dealt with. I beg to differ on that, but even so l join hundreds of simmers who find it annoying because it breaks their immersion in the Sim. I watched the latest Dev Q&A the other day as this issue was on the agenda. I may have missed something in the “translation” but it seemed to me this issue was again glossed over by an ASOBO representative. I wonder therefore if they intend to fix this issue at all.

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Please don’t knowingly create duplicate topics. It does not get issues resolved any faster. I have moved your comment into the Wishlist topic that you referenced. The issue is slated for fixing sometime this year.