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There was an agenda item on the last Q&A asking for an update on removal of the logbook popup which is annoying increasing numbers of Simmers.
The response was surprising. ASOBO’s representative said he did not want to talk about it and Jorg said only that he was aware it annoyed a lot of Simmers. So the issue was “glossed over”…again.
WHY ?..Is it “political”…embarrassing…commercial or what ?
For me personally it is the last remaining “Casual Gamer Gimmick” that has not disappeared or I have been unable to workaround from a slowly but steadily improving MSFS.

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You might want to throw you vote behind this:

Did you even listen correctly? What you say here was absolutely not what thei said!

They said that they are hearing us and are working on a solution. also there are lots of other topics, no need to start a new one…


That’s not what I got out of it.

Martial can be a little difficult to understand and I failed to understand most of his explanation, but what I did understand was that he was not prepared to make a definite promise as to when it will be changed.

Overall, there should be no doubt in anybody’s mind by now that they have recognized the issue and understand how important it is for very many people.


I am the topic author of that logbook question, Jörg definitely produced a better and promising answer than martial. They are aware of this and I trust them to fix it soon.

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I see it absolutely the same way. Yes, it IS annoying and yes it needs to get fixed.
But the Q&A yesterday made it clear that they understand our complaints and it WILL be fixed somewhen.
I have no doubt in that. ASOBO does a really good job lately with this Q&As and with listening to our wishes and complaints.

That not every bug, wish, complait can get fixed in the next update should be obvious to everyone. They have quite a Backlog and not everything is as easy to fix as it seems. Seb explained that as well very good. Every single change to the code could potentially cause other issues. So every small code-change has to be tested. they made 40`000 changes already since release!


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