Logbook reset to zero

Hi, I fly almost 50 hours and I realse that my logbook is reset to zero with the release version.
Is it normal? Is it possible to have the flying time back?

Do you mean the beta logbook got reset? Then there is nothing we can do, because the release version is a fresh install, where everything got reset.

Yes I mean that but the logbook and settings are attached to the cloud account?

This was mentioned before the end of beta, our settings would be deleted and would not follow over to the release version, this included the logbook.

That is correct and the intended design. We tried to find a way for it to make sense and carry over, but in the end it was decided to just do a clean reset.


On all games, there is a reset when it goes to release version, so all users start from zero.

OK Thx for the answers

Is there a way we can reset the logbook to zero manually now after release?

I have many entries where no aircraft is listed and it is driving my OCD crazy. Like to the point I’m having a hard time enjoying the game. I know this might sounds insane to some but it’s a legit medical condition.

I’m not sure if this is a bug or what but being able to remove entries or reset to zero would go a long way.

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It annoys me as well. Not OCD - just being overly pedantic about how things look. And it’s not neat or readable. Also very buggy. I have a few empty entries there. Either give us a way to reset/edit Profile and Logbook or turn it off. Either way it’s a rather poorly implemented feature.

I’m afraid we will probably be ignored. Seems like a pretty basic feature to have but so many times games fail to think about simple UX.

You can reset your logbook, just by deleting this file: kh_logbook
c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata****\1250410\remote\kh_logbook

But remember that all your hours and stats will also be deleted.
Only Achievements will stay in game.