Logbook says my flight from Denmark to London took 18 minutes

Is this correct, am I reading this correct? 18 minutes?`

I flew from EKCH to London City Airport and it took 2 1/2 hours, but I read it as 18 minutes?

Looks like it thinks you flew from Copenhagen (EKCH) to within the vicinity of Anholt (EKAT). So probably about 18 minutes. Why it did that? I don’t know.

OK, I stopped the plane at the Jet Center at London City airport…

The logbook is whimsical at the best of times.

Did you switch on dev mode? Did you lose internet connection at any point?

No dev mode, as far as I know I did not loose connection as far as I know

Is it actually working again… Gave up on it and use Orbx Volanta now :joy:

LittleNavMap does automated flight tracking and logging as well. It creates a proper logbook with each departure (multiple entries when doing T&G), including the exact flightpath recorded.

The Logbook has always been a mess in MSFS and at this point I don’t think they’ll ever fix it in a way that I’d prefer it to what LNM provides.
Luckily, on PC we have various tools at hand.


OK, I will check out Volanta and LittleNavMap out.

Your logbook shows no take off or landing. (and end of flight in the vicinity of another airport)
So…it didn’t really capture any of the things that you have described about your flight.

The log book is a bit jankier than normal recently but usually isn’t as bad as the profile log which has always been pretty borked.

Of the Volanta/LittleNavMap options I have used both and my observations are…

Volanta seems to have promise but it’s not all the way there yet. There is a lot of disagreement about what airfields are actually called between sim and Volanta (and I’m not sure Volanta is 100% correct)
Volanta will log the flights sort of automatically but i have found that it often decides to chose a different airport as arrival if there are several airports in the same vicinity. So some manual intervention is still required.
It has an online community functionality so you can see what other Volanta users are doing.
With a bit more polish it might actually be quite a lightweight and user friendly tracking tool.

LittleNavMap requires more manual intervention I think and it’s interface is more complex than the very simple Volanta but it’s airport data reflects that of the game. (Because I think that is where it actually gets the airport data?) - it’s a much more powerful tool than Volanta though and therefore the better companion app for planning as well as logging.

Both will display your previously flights visually.

Both can be run on seperate networked devices if you prefer.

You can access Volanta through any browser even when offline from game to have a look at your progress etc. - that’s a nice touch.

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