Logbook should not pop up in the middle of the shutdown procedure

And if you do care about the logbook, and wish to finish your shutdown procedure, you have to hit Continue to do so which guarantees that flight won’t get logged.

I only fly GA so my shutdown procedure is simplistic in comparison. As long as I leave the Battery, and Avionics switches on it won’t trigger the pop up. Flip either one, and up it pops.

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I think I found a condition that makes the “End Flight” popup to NOT show up:

I’ve been flying FBW A320NX frequently and noted that, if I keep creeping forward until the steward commands me to stop, if the yellow (supposed green) square in the gate spot disappears, the jetway is automatically connected and I can perform the entire shutdown procedure. The “End Flight” popup never shows.

I’ll try with other combinations of aircraft and parking spots, but I feel this is the hidden condition to tell the game that the flight was actually completed successfully and not simply abandoned somewhere in the airfield (like after getting stuck in the mud).

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You can park anywhere on the ramp, not in that green box, and still trigger the shutdown pop-up.

You do it uncontrolled airstrips as well. Just taxi off the side of the runway, shutdown, and up it pops.


This so unbelievable annoying. Please Microsoft/Asobo change this. I can’t believe only 700+ voted for this…


They mentioned this in the Q&A as well, it has been noted. I just hope it gets solved sooner rather than later.


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There was an agenda item on the last Q&A asking for an update on removal of the logbook popup which is annoying increasing numbers of Simmers.
The response was surprising. ASOBO’s representative said he did not want to talk about it and Jorg said only that he was aware it annoyed a lot of Simmers. So the issue was “glossed over”…again.
WHY ?..Is it “political”…embarrassing…commercial or what ?
For me personally it is the last remaining “Casual Gamer Gimmick” that has not disappeared or I have been unable to workaround from a slowly but steadily improving MSFS.


Hello @hobanagerik, I was saying exactly the opposite: If you park after the square disappears, the popup (in some cases) DOES NOT appear. I’ll elaborate more below.

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I’ve not noticed that either. Sometimes the box disappears, sometimes not. But I always get that pop up if I park that way.

The only time I have not seen it is when I check my current phase of flight, and it thinks I am still in the air for some reason. It is not expecting me to request parking, or is not showing that I should turn off my engine(s).
To force it, I would take off again, request landing clearance, and that usually resets what phase the sim thinks I am in.

I was experimenting with parking the plane after the colored square disappears and can confirm that the popup did NOT appear when parking at the gates with the FlyByWire A320NX, Salty’s 747 and parking at the ramp with DarkFly’s Longitude. After parking I did the following:

  • Completed the shutdown procedure;
  • Went sightseeing with the drone camera;
  • Performed a walkaround;
  • Kicked the tires;
  • Checked the fluids;
  • Washed and waxed the plane;
  • Reported on the conditions of the real-time traffic;
  • Watched the birds;
  • Took a whole lot of selfies :laughing:

And after all of this, the popup never came up. I hit ESC, went to the main menu and the flight was correctly logged.

Buuuuut… The same did not happen with mixMugz TBM 930. The popup DID appear when I switched off the crash bar. At least, The only things that missed were operating the animated doors.

At least with those jets my experience is much better. As always, I’ll continue investigating.


Oh yes! All my experiments were with correct ATC from the game. I have a hunch the popup is closely related to the game’s ATC.

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There does appear to be some leeway with it. For example, at a controlled airfield, if the phase states that I should request taxi to parking but ignore this and taxi there anyway, it will pop up.

this pops up any time I shut off avionics and engines. or battery but seems to be a particular system bus triggering it which would explain the inconsistent timing between aircraft.

my thoughts are get rid of the pop up. theres 0 reason it cant automatically log when it would pop up without stopping the game usually before my propeller has even stopped which ruins satisfaction of post flight.

if you want to see it you can go to the logbook screen at the main menu or the log entry could appear on the return to menu confirmation. that way people who want it still see it, people who dont dont have any extra button presses or the pop up (everyone wins here). when I land that should be flight done and automatically recorded. this shouldnt be anywhere near this intrusive


Latest dev update (aka screenshot update) still only lists it as being planned. This is ridiculous. How many months will it take to fix this? Getting close to a year now.


it can be removed by triggering by esc key, or disabled, it can be optional, but stay as is, very strange, as strange so long incorrect weather, what just can not be so broken, because real weather date is not top government secret, and have to be right all the time, sorry for offtopic

same as many other bugs, simple to fix, high occurrence but never fixed. totally against all basics quality rules…


I think you have to look at this in terms of a design decision, and not a bug. It’s not a bug because it works as they designed it.

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that’s unfortunately right.


This is the most annoying “feature” or design decision I have seen in any flight simulation. Let the pilot in Command decide when the flight ends. I fly exclusively GA aircraft with my home airport being uncontrolled. I almost always start cold and dark and like to go through a full shut down after parking.

Unfortunately, the pop-up seems inconsistent on the trigger across different aircraft. On some when the engine quits after moving the mixture to cut-off causes the pop-up. On others turning the Mags off will cause the pop up. While on still others, you can kill the engine, turn off the mags and the pop-up will not show until the battery is disconnected.

On a few flights, I had been able to do a full shut down, never had the pop-up and was allowed press to end the flight. This latter should be the norm.


Battery or avionics for me, every time, as long as the engine isn’t running, and the phase of flight is actuallly indicating a shutdown/any other phase except take off.

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heli touchdown boom logbook