Logbook showing 00:00 time and no takeoffs and landings (still an issue in

I just had a flight where I shut down completely and received the “completion” menu (which includes continue). This “log” showed a 27 minute flight, 3 takeoffs and landings (Nanwalek ending at PASO). However when I returned to the main menu, profile and logbook, it showed 00:00 total time, no landings or takeoffs and the from/to was listed as “PASO [Vicinity]”.

HOW TO CHECK; To test if you have this issue, try to complete a flight and shutdown the aircraft so you get the completion menu (that allows you to continue). Click continue, then exit back to main menu, and check in your profile logbook whether the flight matches what was shows during completion.

I believe the issue that was closed is not yet fully resolved.

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I also noticed several other flight entries over the past day (since patch) that have the same issue (they showed correct times after shutdown but zeroed out under profile/logbook).

Continue will wipe out your time, use back to main menu.


But why? That seems like a bug.

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I definitely have this issue.

I’m seeing the majority of my flights displayed correctly at the end of the flight (completion), but the logbook entries (profile/logbook) show the departure and arrival airports as the same airport code (the arrival airport) and flight time 0:00.


If you have DEVMODE enabled your logbook will not record. That can be the culprit here.

Yep. @LazyHipp0 gave the right advice. The logbook will record zero if you choose continue instead of going to the main menu.

Dev mode is not enabled for me. And “continue” should not wipe the log.


I have to agree, “continue” should not wipe the previous flight leg. I wish some of this simple stuff could get corrected.

For example if you are performing a flight with multiple legs (i.e. Bush Trip). If you fly a leg and land your flight should be logged when you get the “completed” message. Right now as it stands if you “continue” your trip the “completed” leg does not get logged. Its BS that in order to get this to work you have to ESC to the main menu and waste your time waiting for everything to load again.

This is simple fix guys, please correct it. I am trying to figure out the QC methodology that says the log book issue is resolved and beginning to think there is none other than taking someone’s word it is fixed.

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Why did they choose to zero out the hours when pressing continue? Do I not get a chance to shut down properly? Why is it so difficult for them to get the logbook working?

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Good afternoon. I 'm having the same problems. Even before the update it was better. Now after the update the logbook of some records has been completely deleted!

The logbook also fails to log many takeoffs and landings.

Just flew 6 legs in the new UnAlaskan Bush Trip legs 3-9, Damage off Failures on, No Dev Mode. Only the last leg logged. Clearly the logbook is still broken. Also still no way to get fuel in the bushtrips other than the hack that was suggested when the game launched.

Hi there,
I changed your title to be a little more specific to the issue you are having.
Do you have a screenshot you could share of your logbook with these time entries?

From the screenshot below, NONE of the flights were logged correctly. The issues are one or more of the following:

  1. Total time 00:00
  2. Missing takeoff
  3. Missing landing
  4. Incorrect landings count (e.g. the one that looks correct, 11/26/2020 2:38 AM, actually had 3 landings)

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Thank you for that!

Anyone spending just a little bit of time testing the logbook would’ve noticed this. These are pretty glaring errors, same as with the broken neo. Why is this?

Wiping out the log-entry after pressing Continue was not the case in the previous version. What logic is behind this? All these annoying bugs…

So is this a problem with the logbook? Or is it because the sim decides that the flight ‘ends’ at the wrong time? Or both?

In my opinion, the flight ‘end’ shouldn’t be before everything is shut down, and the chocks have been put in place! At that point, it would be fair enough to complete the logbook entry. If anyone wants to exit before properly shutting down, they can always press … ‘EXIT’.

At least I now understand why it has been taking me days to pass 200 hours…