Logbook showing 00:00 time and no takeoffs and landings (still an issue in

Eh. I never interact with ATC and my logbook records the landings just fine.

Interesting. Care to shoot some video of you doing that at a towered field? A circuit should suffice, I expect. Cold, and dark, back to parking.

Even if you get it to actually generate a log, it won’t record you takeoffs or landings, and I think in some cases it won’t log your flight time either. I performed a circuit over the weekend just to test this without ATC, and got just that. I’m not at my computer right now, but I’d be happy to post my logs showing this.

For me at least ATC is necessary for it to work correctly.

Yeah, I could probably do that. I pretty much exclusively fly the A320 FBW mod, cold and dark with no flight plan initially entered (I set it up in the FMGC before flight), from towered airport to towered airport. I don’t use ATC because I don’t want to fight with it.

Here’s a screenshot of the last few entries in my logbook. I realize this doesn’t prove I didn’t use ATC, but as far as I can tell, everything is still logged without interacting with ATC.

That’s a very good way of putting it. I enjoy the procedural aspects of it, so I don’t find it a chore until it starts telling me to go to 16,000ft when I am 8 miles from my destination. :wink:

Exactly! I love the idea of it too, but until it is more fleshed out, I just don’t feel like messing with it. I’m sure in the future the bugs will be ironed out and we’ll have either a good out-of-the-box or 3rd party solution for better ATC.

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Anyone else having an issue with their logbook? I have been having issues with the past 2 flights, with logbook updating my flights. My flights in logbook don’t show landings, flight time or airports that I’ve landed in.

For example, I flew from Atlanta to Frankfurt. When I landed, the logbook showed, 0.00hrs flown, says I flew from KATL to KATL. The same thing happened when I flew from Frankfurt to New York and Orlando to Chicago.

Do you happen to have the dev mode turned on? Flights flown with dev mode on won’t record in the log.


I’ve been tweaking settings during flights to optimize FPS. My last 4 flights show take-off and landing but no time credited. I opened and closed dev mode a few times during these flights to check FPS as I tweaked. Could sporadic use of dev mode during a flight affect the logbook?

I believe that is one of the causes, yes.

I haven’t tested turning dev mode on/off several times during a flight, but I suspect any time you turn dev mode on during a flight, it won’t log the flight at all.

Yes, you are correct. Completed a dev free flight. Logbook updated correctly.

Do you have any add-ons in your Community folder? If yes, please remove and retest before posting.
Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?
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Ever since 1/26/20 no takeoff and landing are shown. The last few days I have been using the 208B Caravan maybe 30 or so takeoffs and landing and nothing
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RTX 2080 Super with i5 9600k
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My log book was not working either until I read that the log book is not activated in Developer mode.

I believe you have to shut down and turn the master off as well.

The “times” are logged properly in my case.

The takeoffs are still “zero” … so the bug from previous versions is still present in

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Just checked with release … and the “takeoff = zero” bug continues to inflict magic on my logbook.

Hmm … seems like the Logbook problem has gotten worse (again) with

  • For the first time ever … I now have a Logbook entry where even the aircraft is missing (empty field)
  • Since a long time … I now again have an entry where my landings no longer get counted reliably.
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Iconic flight WU3 (UK) not working for me. Dev mode OFF. Community folder empty

When you finished the flight, shutting down your engines, you get a prompt to return to the menu or Continue. Did you select Continue? Currently, you need to select Main Menu to have the flight logged in the log book. Asobo know this and it has been requested to be removed, so people can shut down their planes correctly and still have the hours logged.

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It’s Weekly Event WESTRAY to PAPA WESTRAY. There is no continue. Only restart or main menu

I’ve never done was of those weekly flights before. I did this one at the weekend, and it worked for me. The pop up screen appeared when I slowed down to a stop on the runway, no shutdown was required.