Logbook showing 00:00 time and no takeoffs and landings (still an issue in

I think that at times if you don’t get off the rwy or shutdown the plane, the flight is not logged. I wish there was a way to remove those 00:00:00 Total Time of Flight entries.

All my logs are dated around 8/23/2020 and has not logged anything since.
I guess logbook problems are still haunting us from FSX but this one is worse.
At least with FSX you could fix the logbook with a HEX editor.

You have to be doing something different to me in that case, as I still don’t see that problem.

The “takeoff = zero” bug is still present in v1.13.17.0

The “takeoff = zero” bug is still present in v1.14.5.0

It only seems to function if you end your flight when the dialog opens. If you hit continue and completely shut down your aircraft it doesn’t record the flight. Unfortunately, if you are using aircraft that remember their last state of function, this stops you too soon. It would be great if the end flight dialog waited until the plane was parked and engines shut down before it opens.


I reported the issue of pressing Continue not logging your flight months ago, probably September I think.

I found a work around, I haven’t tested enough so can’t say whether it’ll work all the time.

Do not ask speak to ground regarding taxiing to parking or gate, chose your own parking location but make sure its a proper parking space then complete the shut down procedure. I’ve done this a couple of times and the flight was properly logged.

The flight dialogue only opens when you park in the ground designated parking spot, so don’t

If you open the Objectives window, it should show you “Shut down”, if the sim has detected you have landed, and exited the runway, at least at an uncontrolled airport. The Objectives window will show you the phase of the flight it believes you are in, and will usually indicate why the pop up doesn’t appear when you shut the aircraft down.

The “takeoff = zero” bug is still present in v1.14.6.0

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Same problem

Fine yesterday. Logged in today. Got the “out of date packages” notification. (There were no package updates between today and yesterday) Sim restarted and nor the Pilot Profile and Logbook are empty?

You might want to look here, as this is a different issue to the missing flight data in your log book.

Thanks I will share the post.

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The “takeoff = zero” bug is still present in v1.15.7.0

… and it seems like the landing count now also is “less correct” again.
Looks like a regression to me.

I think its been said before, but its not a bug per se, but perhaps a poorly designed implementation of how your flights are recorded. I can post plenty of screenshots of my logbook showing things like 4 take-offs, and 4 landings. The difference is I interact with ATC, and go through the stages of flight as the sim expects. If you take off but the sim thinks you should be taxiing, it won’t progress to the next phase of your flight, and the take off will not be logged.

Don’t get me wrong, I do sometimes get take-offs missed, usually at uncontrolled airports. Landings are harder to miss, but I have noticed that when doing a touch, and go for example, if you don’t reduce your speed enough it won’t log the landing. You can tell when it logs as you typically get that little progress spinner at the bottom right of your screen. I found that out the hard way when I was aiming to get achievement for visiting 500 airports. If you land, then take off immediately it doesn’t count, you have to slow down. I don’t remember exactly but I think its around 15kts.

If you bring up the Objectives window from the top menu, that will tell you where the sim thinks the phase of your flight currently is. I’ve had some cases where I have taken off, and the Objectives window has something like “Prepare to land at destination airport”. Consequently that take-off did not log. If I could be bothered, to fix that I would need to declare I wanted to land at that airport again, taxi off the runway then announce I was clear, then announce taxi, and take-off once more, all the while keeping an eye on the Objectives window so I know what the sim expects of me.

If found a post where I tried to catch as many possible states your flight is in, from startup, taxi, takeoff, landing, and taxi to parking. Even then I think I missed one or two as they sometimes only appear on screen for a few seconds.

The “takeoff = zero” bug is still present in v1.15.8.0

I have a similar problem. As far as I understood, it is different. When I finish a flight and shut down engines the logbook window pops up and then I click continue. The flight is correctly recorded but MSFS creates a new flight as I was starting from the destiny airport. See picture for example flight: SBGL to SBGR: 42:41 minutes and a new flight SBGR to SBGR created from MSFS with 0 hours. The previous flight also had same wrong log (SBGL → SBGL)

Pressing Continue is a long time issue, and should be avoided.

I logged a ticket about this last August or September. If you fly from A to B, land then hit Continue, then fly from B to C, then return to main menu, it will only log B to C. A to B is lost.

I haven’t tested this since, so lord knows what it does now. I just avoided that feature, and shutdown at the end of every flight that I want logged.

The same issue here. It records of appr. 10-15% of my flights and 5% of my takeoffs and landings. This logbook is totally unusable.