Logbook still not fixed?

Hi all!

My logbook stopped logging a long time ago. It hasn’t really bothered me, some part of me must have thought it would be fixed with one of the updates, I know it was ‘addressed’, but alas I must have flown 100+ hours since it stopped.

Mostly it just states at the end of each flight that I have flown to and from the same airport (not related to the flight I’ve just completed) and in an A320. e.g. I just flew ESGG to EKCH in a CRJ7 and it said I flew EDDK to EDDK in an A320…

I wonder if there’s anything I can do or is this just purely in MS’s hands?

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Make sure you don’t have the developer mode turned on. That disables the logging of flights.


Oh balls! That actually explains it :joy: I’ve had it open with the toolbar on auto-hide for ages. Oops. :roll_eyes:



No worries, happy to help :slight_smile: You’re not the first, and you won’t be the last.


Of the 12 flights I’ve done this week, it only registered 2 takeoffs. No dev mode.

It’s really bad at registering still.

Odd, I’ve had zero problems with the logbook personally lately.
In the past I’ve notice that it helps to get take off clearance clearance (or at uncontrolled airports announce that you’re taking off on radio). Maybe give that a spin?

I’ve also found like Mort, that if you don’t give a ‘blind’ call for take off at un towered airfields, it often won’t record a take off, and if you land and don’t call ground or there isn’t a ground frequency it may not record a landing. even after calling clear of the runway.

Thanks for the suggestion, I also kinda suspected something along these lines, but after some more testing this is also not 100% the case.

Reported to zendesk, #99223 for what it’s worth

I haven’t opened the logbook since August when I looked at it and thought ‘this is a pointless feature’, especially as it doesn’t take multiple pilots using the same PC or use of sim rate increases into account. I’ll use the logbooks included with any of the addons that add a gameplay layer to this sim (Neofly, etc).

I suspect if I did go look at it, I’d have many, many, more take offs than landings thanks to CTDs, the weather bug, the sim changing the fuel loadout back to 50% when you change liveries, etc. Pointless feature.

If I take off from a parking space or Gate it doesn’t register the takeoff. From a runway, it does.

It will register it, if you contact tower and request takoff-clearance, or announce your departure on the radio at untowered airports.

As far as the sim is concerned, changing liveries means you changed planes. I find this to be very puzzling as to why they’d do this.

Sometimes, if you lose control on landing, run into a grassy or dirt area then kill the engine, it will register the airport ( vicinity). When this happens to me, I throttle up and move the plane to paved area before shutting down.

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