Logging in to Navigraph via MSFS freezes MSFS in W11, taskmanager unfreezes sim, why?

Hello everyone,

Using Windows 11 and everything works fine. My problem on the other hand is related to switching tasks.

When the flight is loaded I start Navigraph and I use the link to authenticate. In other words Edge starts and Windows swithes to Edge for me to log in to Navigraph. Once logged in and done MSFS becomes frozen. I have to do CTRL+ALT+DEL to open the task manager and then it works again.

Anyone know how to solve this? Did not do that in Windows 10, obviously a setting that I have activated.

I’ve solved that problem that occured every time I switched to a window out of the sim.
For me it was related to the sync mode being set to “fast” in the nvidia 3d settings. I set the mode to “managed by the program” and never had the problem again.

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Windows 11 is still new. Wait a year until it’s fully supported. You should expect various problems with win11 at the very beginning.
By edge you mean chrome downloader?

It’s been happening for the last few days with 10 as well.

OK, so just conicidence then that I upgraded at the same time

win11 just came out, so its a beta test for MS, wait at least 1 year.

I don’t think it has anything to do with 11. I’m running 10 and there hasn’t been an update to the app that I know of that has anything to do with 11. This, just like other add-ons, sometimes has issues syncing with the sim. Seems to work fine w/SU6 however.

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