Logitech G Flight Yoke Mod Issue

Hey guys,

I currently have a Logitech G Flight Simulator Yoke system. I have modified this system using a Leo Bodnar BU0836A 12-Bit Joystick Controller instead of the default factory one. This allows for much more precise movements and no deadzone issue which is common with this yoke.

My issue is as follows. MSFS2020 detects the board but similar to the sensitivity issue going around there are no bindable keys. Does anyone have any advice on this?


P.S This works perfectly on X Plane 11 but on MSFS2020 it just gives me a blank space where bindable keys should be.

Make sure you don’t have the filters on the left side of the screen set to “Assigned”. That’ll give you an empty binds page on a new peripheral.

Not sure if you’ve tried this: try the “Setup USB Game Controllers” control panel and make sure Windows is seeing all the buttons on your controller. This also allows you to recalibrate the axes to make sure your device is behaving as you expect. From here you can follow the advice of @Dinky2006 to assign your buttons.