Logitech G940 not working properly

I have a G940, very disappointed it’s not supported out of the box.

I manually configured all the flight controls; calibration and sensitivity look fine in the controls menu but when I’m in the aircraft they don’t work right. They move from 0 to 100% with a small movement, nothing in between, e.g. I have 0 rudder or full left or right rudder. Obviously it isn’t playable. Anyone can help fix this?

Sounds like you have assigned your axis to a button press…

Watch the following tutorial…

I am having the same issue with my G940 which is assigned to the Throttle Axis. Am really needing help with a fix.

Assign it to Throttle 1 axis and ensure no other device is mapped to the same

Thank you. I will try mapping it tonight.

I got my g940 to work. I just made a video about setting it up.

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Thank you all so much. I think they should do a better job explaining this in the game (or maybe I missed it)

Thanks so much for the video. I now see where many of my setup issues lie.


Thank you a lot!

Thanks, you saved a lot of my time trying :slight_smile: THANKS!!!