Logitech G940

Hello to everyone!
I really need your assistance. I have the Logitech G940 (Joystick, Throttles, Pedals) and I want to use it with my MS-FS2020-Box. I can find the joystick in the Game under “options” and “Controller” but in the game it is not activated (no reaction). Does anybody has an idea and can assist me with a short manual? Thanks a lot in advance.

Do you have any steam content on you rpc?

only the Steam-App, but not logged in…I have only one Steam-Game, but no simulator (Red Orchestra). I have also a problem when I want to create a new logitech-Profile in the old driver (the newest is very old) to find the path of the FS 2020 necessary “path” (I don’t now which data “cfg” or whatelse is needed).

OK, Unplug the hardware, then activate the Steam Client, get into the Big Picture/Settings/Controller Settings/
Uncheck XBOX (no checkmarks in the list) Close Big Picture and the client
Restart the sim and when active plug in the hardware;
Let me know

Thanks… Now I can try to find the settings and the axis of the joystick. This doesn’t work right now but I can put some functions on the buttons at the beginning. But now, after a few minutes the game stopped and I saw the windows start-screen. But this could be a result of my minimal hardware for the game. I will try again on tuesday due to business reasons but I will read in the forum.

Some sample assignments can be found here:https://flightsimeindhoven.com/category/microsoft-flightsimulator/controls/logitech-extreme/

Thanks a lot … It works “Step by Step”