Logitech Options causing CTD

Not sure if this is worthy of being a made as a big report, but I wanted to post my findings here. I started getting CTD’s not long after some upgrades that lead me to think it was related to something being unstable from to that. Sometimes I could fly about about 15 min, sometimes i couldn’t even get past the world map before it crashed despite the usual troubleshooting. After being thankful my hair is too short to get a good grip to pull out, I dug deeper and started looking at the event viewer.

Every time the sim crashed, I noticed the event viewer wasn’t reporting the sim, but was reporting the Logitech Options program was crashing. And it was crashing A LOT, even when I wasn’t in the sim. It runs in the background, and when it crashes, it doesn’t present any symptoms itself and will restart itself. From what little I found elsewhere online, this is related to a Logitech Options update that Logitech hasn’t expressed much interest in fixing. I uninstalled the program and have been sim crash free since. Just pulled off a 4 hr flight, including being paused for an hour, without a hitch.

Why I’m questioning if this should be reported as a bug for the sim is because the sim is the only program having a problem with the Logitech crashing. My mouse keeps working (and thankfully does without needing it in the first place), other programs keep working, and doesn’t seem to cause my other games to crash. Seems there’s something specific about the sim that causes it to CTD as a result of the Logitech program crashing.

I can see you have already uninstalled it, but did you try upgrading it? It’s possible that an out of date version could be causing problems now but it wasn’t before. If you find you aren’t missing the program, perhaps you could leave it uninstalled.