Logitech peripherals causing CTD after full Windows and MSFS reinstall. Any ideas?

So I decided today I would eliminate OS issues as a possible cause of MSFS running poorly.

I did a fresh reinstall of Windows 10 and MSFS. Initially firing it up for testing without any peripherals connected, it seemed to be performing a bit better.

However, a newer, more serious issue has presented itself. The sim will CTD if any Logitech peripherals are connected.

I use Logitech Switch Panel, Multi-Panel, rudders and throttle. I can run the sim without these items connected, but it will CTD on load with them connected.

I have the latest drivers for the panels from the Logi site (Dec 2020 version). Previously, I didn’t have the software for the pedals and yoke and they worked fine. This time, with or without the software installed, no worky.

I’ve tried connecting to different ports on my hub, even every port I could on my PC to no avail. If a Logitech device is connected, it’s a CTD on load.

Anyone of you fine folks have any suggestions?

It may or may not be the answer for you but:

Will try this out and report back. Thank you for that.

Thank you for that. That did it, it would seem. At least now I can load in with default settings for all my controllers.

The 2 controllers I have the biggest changes to are my Honeycomb and XBOX controller. I moved those files back into the folder in the solution in the post you listed, Steam told me the cloud and local were out of synch, and how to handle. I told it to upload local to the cloud.

That seems to be working as well. Now to try things out and see if it worked.


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