Logitech Quadrant Issue

Hey Everyone. I’m having a weird issue with my quadrant.
The bottom half of the throttle axis is not working at all. 40% and above is ok. Everything under 40% actual lever position, it just goes to 0.

Yet it seems to work just fine in xplane 11.

My prop and mixture also work fine in MSFS. So I’ve tried swapping axis mappings in MSFS (putting throttle control on the mixture axis and vice versa) but the problem follows whatever axis I map the throttle to… so that kid of rules out potentiometers right?

Any ideas?

Did you maybe mess with sensitivity for the quadrant? Have a look in there.

It is all default in there unfortunately. I have previously tried messing with the curves and dead zones with no luck. So I set it all back to default.

I should try recording a video maybe. It’s always easier to see what the problem is.