Logitech radio panel not working

I am using Axis and Ohs it seems that it only works when it wants to. Never constantly works. Anybody know the solution

You can just download an app from logitech and it just works in the sim now powers up when you start a flight.

Remove that Axix and Ohs program. Use the new logitech plugin that supports the radio with MSFS2020. I know the flight multi panel plug is incorporated into patch 2 but not sure about the radio panel. If not, download from here.
Logitech plug in
Also run this win 10 USB enhance power disabler that can cause Saitek/Logitech panels to not communicate intermittently.
Site that describes the problem and offers the disable feature

doesnt work. when i try and run the program from logitech it says that there is already an instance of this program running. when i go into a flight the control panel does not work.

honestly i do not understand that USB enhance power disabler is there any way you would be able to walk me through how to do it. I am trying but I just do not understand it.

Okay so the cannot run another instance confirms the logitech plugin in firing up at the beginning of the program (incorporated in the most recent patch) therefore you don’t need to run it seperately.

To run the enhancedusbdisabler program download the zip file here.

Extract it to somewhere you can find it. Make sure you saitek/logitech panel is already plugged into the PC. Right click on the program you extracted and run as administrator.

Press enter when it stops in the middle of the program, it will then search for any Saitek/Logitech flight equipment you have and disble the registry that makes the USB device go to sleep.

If you still are having issues try to move your USB port to another port but you will have to rerun the disable program again.

Also, not sure about the radio but on the flight panel the increment button doesn’t work right if using a HoneyComb yoke (you have to un bind all switches).

So, I did both things. It recognizes the radio panel but when I go to change the settings on it. It says that the aircraft power is off and nothing is displayed on the radio panel. The aircraft is indeed on though.

Is your avionics switches on? Also are you starting on the runway as opposed to starting cold (that way a checklist item is not missed).

There is also an avionics bug (If you have not read through a temporary fix by disabling ground activity).

go to taskManager and close the one is open and click on saitek panels msfs2020 and it work

so i am having the same issue! i have done everything in this forum and yet nothing. is there anything else that i am missing?
i have downloaded the most recent logictech plugin and ran it. i even tried turning off the plugin through the task manager and lunching it again with no luck. i went into the enhanced power file in the registry and updated that to zero. and still no luck. i have turned the avionics off and on and still no luck.

i can see the panel showing up in my connected devices correctly. it just wont fire up with the sim :frowning:

please if anyone knows if am missing anything i would really appreciate that.

Might sound stupid, but have you actually loaded into a flight? as the radio panel only comes on when you have actually started the flight.

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Just received the Radio Panel yesterday and no luck. Downloaded the latest plug-in from Logitech, USB port is not allowed to sleep, even tried the SPAD.neXt driver and nada. And, yep, MSFS2020 is up and my Cessna is ready for take-off with radios on. Issue is my computer isn’t even recognizing it as a USB device. Anyone ever see an issue with this unit having a bad cable? Not sure what else to try. Thanks!

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UPDATE: After uninstalling and reinstalling the logitech driver for MSFS2020 a third time, it started working. Don’t ask!


Hi all, with the Logitec plugin launched before launging the SIM, the radio panel was working fine starting a flight from the runway, a cold start however did not turn on the panel, the solution mentioned in ths topic, mapping the Avinonics Master 1 ON to a keyboard Key and hitting that key after truning on the power does the trick for me. I am happy with this workaround.