Logitech Radio Panel Worth It?

Curious how many use the Logitech radio panel and whether or not you feel it is worth it over using the mouse to tune radios, etc?

The place to discuss Logitech products is in the Peripherals category. I moved your post there.

I have the Logitech switch panel and radio panel, I love them both wouldn’t be the same without them, but, you may have to use Spadnext to get them to work properly with some add-on aircraft. But you can program so much with Spadnext. so yes its worth it.

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Agreed. I use both a radio panel, in conjunction with SPAD.

The first thing I added was the ability to switch between 8.33KHz, and 25 KHz channel spacing, with a long press of the transfer button. You can’t do that with the default Logitech drivers.

This trick also works on planes that don’t normally support 8.33KHz, like the P149D, IIRC.

I have both as well, could do it in air manager via knobster (have both and use them for other things) but I love the look / feel of the “real” thing.

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It is well worth it and especially if you use either Spad or AAO to drive it.

I use the radio panel with default Logitech drivers, and it’s great for me flying on vatsim.

The radio is the most useful. It can easily be customized in SpadNext. I am adding another one replacing my logictech switch panel since I don’t need it any more.

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IMHO its a must have if you don’t use the built in menu driven ATC and use something like Pilot2ATC or VATSIM.

I have SPAD.neXt and I use it to program all of my controls.

Couldn’t fly realistically without it.

Also have the multi-panel and use spad.next drivers.