Logitech Saitek throttle quadrant ... Jitter! Help?

All good suggestions, thanks everyone.
Still I find it odd that this is on a brand new unit, and the jitter is much less in other sims and almost 0 outside of any application at all.
I’m pretty sure it’s my system and something to do with the USB ports… or some weird combo…
It’s bad enough that the throttle in the model actually jumps back and forth, at first I was pretending it was motor vibration. :wink: But it does it with the motor off of course.

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but did you ever find a solution to this?

I’ve just got one and straight out of the box am getting the same thing. Maybe marginally less pronounced but the exact same jittering. If there’s no immediate solution it can go back…this is the sort of thing I kind of expected to see 20 years ago…it’s completely unacceptable today.

No, I didn’t want to take it apart, but didn’t have anything else to use, so it just shakes like crazy. I pretend it’s the engine shacking the cabin. :frowning:

When I get some time I’ll replace the internals with an Arduino and some good pots…

Pretty much junk in its current state.

I assume you didn’t take it back then?

I wonder if they’re all like this, or were we just unlucky?

Did you buy the throttle on it’s own or did you get the complete throttle and yoke? I bought just the throttle and I’m starting to wonder if it was a referb from a returned yoke. No, I didn’t return it because it’s a pain and I have the parts to rebuild it when I get time to do it.

No, the ones sold separately are with an USB cable and the ones in bundle with the yoke have a DIN cable which plugs in the yoke device.

I bought it as a standalone. Despite fiddling with the sensitivity etc I’ve not been able to dial out this jittering. I’m not happy with it so am returning it for a replacement.

It’ll be interesting to see if the replacement has the same problem. Hopefully it’s not worse!

I have the same jitter problem on two brand-new Logitech Throttle Quadrants: jitter on all three axes, on both of the controllers. It’s especially noticeable mid-range. There is no jitter in either of the two axes of my Honeycomb Alpha yoke which is plugged into the same powered USB hub.

Assuming that each Throttle Quadrant axis is a simple potentiometer, isn’t that an indication of something in the Throttle Quadrant driver or other software rather than the hardware glitching?